Reminders for Oasis and Spiking Sams


When: Wednesday, November 15 from 7-10 pm

Where: 3rd floor Center Hall (OASIS)

Come out and study with following Flying Sams! There will be tutors available for various standard subjects (math, sciences, etc.)

Here is a link for a google doc to form study groups with other Flying Sams:

You will get one clinic point for attending- see you there!


Spiking Sam’s Intramural Volleyball Team

Our third game of the quarter will be this Thursday, November 16th at 9pm in RIMAC Arena. Come out to play and/or support and you will receive one clinic point – see you there! (No experience required.)

Games will be @9 or 10pm on Thursdays. To sign up, please follow the link below, make an IM account, get an IM pass, then add yourself to the “Spiking Sams” under co-ed A Volleyball.  (Feel free to contact us if you have any issues or questions with sign up’s).

1 clinic point for coming out and/or playing!



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