Clinic Report: November 18, 2017 @ Ensenada

Coordinator: Anjali Herekar

Patients seen: 37!!

This was a longer clinic, with many pediatric as well as adult cases. We started off with a public health presentation which was about 10 minutes long. We had some returning patients and many new patients as well. We also had a larger amount of pediatric cases this clinic. Diagnostic trends included upper respiratory infections, diabetes, and hypertension. We sent all of our providers in the first car so they could get back into the US quickly. The last three cars all used the all-traffic lanes to cross back into the border, with a total wait time of about 3 hours. The last three cars got back a little past 9 pm. At clinic, we used paper records to take patient histories and vitals, because the wifi is still not working at the clinic site building. Some information is only on the electronic records currently, so in some cases we had to have the physicians obtain the same information again onto paper records. We ended clinic around 2 pm.


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