Clinic Report: August 26, 2017 @ Ensenada

Coordinator: Andres Perkins

Patients seen: 8

This was a very short clinic, with a lot of the usual patient complaints. We saw all returning patients, most which had issues related to Diabetes and Hypertension. We did see a patient that we ran a pregnancy test for, which turned out positive. To accommodate for our provider (which wanted to return fast with Sentri), I had two of our officers park a car at the border and get picked up by the provider. That way, they could get dropped off on the way back, walk across and to their car; so that the provider could drive straight home. That provider recommended to us that we have a list of specialists ready, so that if she needed to refer a patient, she could choose one from the list. The EMR that we are still implementing went mostly well, with some login hiccups. The biblioteca wifi that we usually use was still down and the one from the dental building was unreliable (probably too far away), but we fortunately had a volunteer that let us use a hotspot on his phone. Everything else went smoothly and efficiently.


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