Fiesta Clinic

On December 16th we will be holding our annual fiesta clinic. This is an exciting clinic as we hold a small Christmas party with a piñata and give out gifts to the kids. The gifts include children’s clothing, new toys, and school supplies.  In order to have these gifts for the children, we will be holding a donation drive. If you would like to donate to the children, we will be giving out clinic points in exchange for donations of:

·      new toys

·      school supplies

·      children’s clothing

We will be collecting these donations at our next GBM 3 (Monday, Nov. 27, 7-9pm). If you would like to donate outside of this date/time, please email the clinic coordinator account to set up a meet-up time to collect the donations (

Here is the clinic point breakdown:

·      2 new toys = 1 point; 3 new toys= points

·      4 school supplies = 1 point; 6 school supplies = 2 points

·      children’s clothing: up to the discretion of our clinic coordinators depending on what is donated

Please note that only 3 points total can be acquired through donations per person.

This is a great way to earn clinic points and the children are much appreciative of your donations. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

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