Garden Newsletter: November 26, 2017

Hi everyone!

Hope the Thanksgiving holiday was a much needed break. As we head into finals, which will culminate in our annual Fiesta clinic trip, here are some updates and tasks for the garden project.


  1. Help needed to budget supplies
  2. Space on the 12/16 Fiesta Clinic Trip
  3. Brainstorming Outreach




Help needed to budget supplies

I received a materials list from Mr. Perez, the designer of our garden. We have to decide what we will purchase in the US and what we will purchase in Mexico. A volunteer is needed to 1. help maintain a spreadsheet to list the current prices for each object on the list in the US and 2. to accompany me to Mexico to go comparison shopping for certain tools as well to acquire bio materials that cannot legally be crossed from the US into Mexico 🙁

If you are interested in 1, or both, opportunities, please email with garden in the subject heading.

Space on the 12/16 Fiesta Clinic Trip

I can create a spot on the Fiesta clinic trip for a volunteer who can help me to sign up patients on a waiting list for garden plots for the Winter. If the volunteer is especially proactive, we may discuss holding a brief garden/ craft workshop for the patients in the waiting room. This might be a job with a lot of downtime, so in between signing up patients, you will likely be helping with our donations stations or entertaining children as they wait to break the pinata. Spanish not required but preferred.

If you are interested, please email with garden in the subject heading, and fill out the clinic sign up when it is sent out to the mailing list.

Brainstorming Outreach

In order to help us to become eligible for future grants as well as to widen the scope of the garden project, I am seeking out individuals who have ideas for how we can connect the sustainability efforts of the community garden in Mexico to educate students and the community here in San Diego. Ideas can consist of, but are certainly not limited to: reducing food waste, diverting trash responsibly, starting indoor herb gardens, pollution reduction, educational workshops, connections to other organizations, or addressing food insecurity and its root causes.

If you have some ideas you’d like to share, or know someone who might, please email with garden in the subject heading.

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