Clinic Report: April 21, 2018 @ Ensenada

Coordinator: Anika Balse

Patients seen: 20

The morning of Saturday April 21, we had our monthly clinic trip to serve the community of Chapultepec in Ensenada, Mexico. We had a total of 14 volunteers and had 3 providers, 1 pharmacists, and 12 dentists also volunteer with us. We had a total of 5 cars that left the Stein parking lot at 6:45 am and 1 early car that left at 5:30 to organize and set up the clinic before everyone arrived. We arrived at the clinic at around 9:00 am. With the 3 providers, we were able to see 20 patients in total before leaving at 2:25 pm. We all ate at the usual taco shop until 3:30 pm and the left for the border. At the border, the wait took about 15 minutes for Sentri, 30 mins for Ready, and an hour for All-traffic lane, and we all arrived at campus around 6:307:15, and 8:30 pm.


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