Clinic Report: April 7th, 2018 @ RANCHO DE LOS NIÑOS

Coordinator: Anjali Herekar

Patients seen: 10

The morning of Saturday 4/7, we had our Orphanage Clinic Trip to serve the children in Rancho de los Ninos in Mexico. We had a total of 9 volunteers and had 1 provider as well. We had a total of 2 cars that left the Stein parking lot around 6:30 am and 1 early car that left at 6 am to pick up materials from regular clinic to bring to the Orphanage. We arrived at the clinic at around 9 am. With the 1 provider, we were able to see 10 patients in total before leaving at 1:30 pm. We ate at a Panaderia nearby and then left for the border (one car went back to the regular clinic to drop off some supplies). At the border, the wait took about 2 hours and we all arrived at campus around 6:30 pm (early car) and 8:30 pm (late car).

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