Clinic Report: March 23, 2019 @ Ensenada

Coordinator: Victor Escobedo

Patients seen: 11

The morning of Saturday, March 23rd, we had our monthly clinic trip to serve the community of Chapultepec in Ensenada, Mexico. We had a total of 12 volunteers, 0 medical providers, 1 pharmacist, and 2 dentists also volunteer with us. Originally we had 2 medical providers scheduled to volunteer on this trip, however one dropped last minute and the other did not show up to the caravan the morning of. We had to adapt and since we had a pharmacist we decided to bring a small group of volunteers down to do labs and dispense medications through Dr. Pando who showed up at 12:30PM after most patients had left. We had a total of 3 cars that left the Stein parking lot at 5:30 AM and 7AM to organize and set up for clinic. The latest car  arrived to clinic around 9:00 AM. With the 0 providers and 1 pharmacist, we were able to see 11 patients in total before leaving clinic at 12:00 PM. We left for the border around 2PM. At the border, the wait varied. The first car crossed by 5:50 PM, the last car crossed by 8PM.

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