2013 – 2014 Officers

Want to learn more about your club staff? Want to get in contact with someone, but don’t know exactly who? Well then, feel free to check below!

Mcginness, Anelah_1

Anelah McGinness


“She doesn’t even go here” …. jk: I graduated in June 2013 and I’m currently applying to medical school and I’m working as a TA for the Animal Physiology lab with Dr. Chris Armour for the duration of the 2013-14 school year (you want a G-protein pathway? We’ve got a G-protein pathway). I like cheap hot wings, traveling, running (San Diego Rock n Roll ftw!), and puppies. I’ve been involved with Flying Samaritans for over 3 years and, more than being a fantastic opportunity for service and Spanish practice, it has transformed the way that I see myself and the world.”

Bonanno, Shalia_1

Shaila Bonanno



“Flying Sams has been a really rewarding experience and I know it will be for you too! I’m excited for all the progress we’ve made in the past few years and for what great improvements we are adding this year too. Outside of class and Flying Sams I love to shake it like a Polaroid picture, play soccer, and go to the beach.”


Jenny Xiao

Vice President

“Other than doing science/medicine related things, I also enjoy singing, painting, dancing and playing the guitar in my spare time. I love meeting new people and going out to have fun!”

generic person

My Phung


“I’m currently in my fourth year at UCSD. My free time consist of doing jigsaw puzzle, crocheting, reading manga, watching funny TV shows and various things like that. And also, I really really love bunnies!”

Wilkerson, Kristoffer_1

Kristoffer Wilkerson

Treasurer, Media/Design Committee

“Third year Electrical Engineering and Premedical student.  If you don’t find me staying up until ungodly hours of the night, catching up on Walking Dead or Suits, or finding the best boba and coffee this side of the states, you’ll find me helping to run my favorite Ensenada clinic!”

Wang, Sophia_1

Sophia Wang

Physician Recruiter & Events Coordinator

“In my free time (if there is any) I like going to the beach with friends, reading, watching TV, and drawing. Fun fact: I lived in Singapore for 4 years!”

Tam, Kimmy_1

Kimmy Tam

Physician Recruiter

“I love to travel and experience new cultures!”

Vazquez, Joana_1

Joana Vazquez

Fundraising Co-chair

“Hi I am Joana. I truly care for people and their well being. I love traveling, learning about different cultures, drinking tea and attending concerts.”

Duong, Yen_1

Yen Duong

Fundraising Co-chair

“I love good food, good company, and travelling. I have traveled to Europe and my next destination is South America!”

Vital, Daniela_1

Daniela Vital

Public Health Chair, Mexico Laison

“I believe in improvement and I think we could do so many things if our passions focus on helping the needed and help ourselves by learning from them too. They have so much to teach us besides technical skills, they have modesty, purity, and faith.”

Iran 009

Mana Khajavi

Publicity Chair


I love drawing and painting. I’m a good friend and I’d rather do home projects than hang out shopping at the mall. Love my family and friends.
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
– Dr. Seuss

generic person

Nu Pham

Head Clinic Administrator

“I am currently a fourth year studying General Biology. I eat candy like there is no tomorrow and I enjoy watching Pixar films.”

Milad Bahmanof

Milad Bahmanof

Clinic Coordinator

“Providing to underserved communities, making new friends from different cultures and backgrounds, spending time with family, photography and playing sports. ‘Learn, Teach, Motivate, Guide, Lead, Influence”


Victoria Phan

Clinic Coordinator

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Nguyen, Thang_1

Thanh Nguyen

Clinic Coordinator

“I love being in the sun! I also enjoy going grocery shopping and testing out different cooking/baking recipes.”


Selena Lopez

Dental Co-Coordinator

“I am a very enthusiastic pre-dental student from Muir College, and I enjoy reading science fiction, listening to bossa nova, fangirling over famous and/or fictional characters, admiring the arts, and supporting the advances of technology and space exploration! I look forward to learning more about all of you during this academic school year!”


Sonia Ventura

Dental Co-Coordinator

“In addition to volunteering at the dental clinics, I love sunshine, practicing the guitar, and country music.”

Anicete, Lynhea_1

Lynhea Anicete

Clinic Administrator

“I strive to make my dreams into a reality-and this is my first step. But on my down time you can see me playing badminton, eating (because I love trying out new food!), or relaxing in bed with a nice movie and hot cocoa.”

Kwan, Anna_1

Anna Kwan

Clinic Administrator

“Things that make me happy include shoes, giraffes, pillows, good books, sushi, Giants baseball and strong tea. “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” – Jane Austin”

Paik, Connie_1

Connie Paik

Clinic Administrator

“I’m a Korean-American from Fullerton, CA. I enjoy weekends at the beach with friends or on the couch going through seasons of Friends. I’m a sucker for dogs, cliche romantic comedies, and cheez-its! Oh, and my friends call me Smeagol.  “


Gregory Marchese


“Outside of work and many personal projects, I am a double black belt martial artist, lover of EDM music, and locatable at the beach, rock climbing, or hunting down the next cup of non-mainstream coffee.”


J. Alberto Espindola

Pre-Dental Society Liaison

“While helping to improve the lives of others, we enrich our own. Hope to see everybody enthusiastic about clinic!”