2014-2015 Officers

Lynhea Anicete
Co-President manicete@ucsd.edu
I hail from Northern Californian and at home, I like wrapping myself in a burrito blanket, listening to the rain fall, and watching the latest Marvel Movie. I enjoy taking pictures of nature and traveling. One day I would like to travel all over the world; even to the most remote destinations. I want to know the cultures of the people I meet by trying ALL of their foods and listening to all their stories.     I am also very excited to start this new school year with all of you. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the kind and knowledgeable officers about any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. We would love to have you be part of our team! 😀
Joana Vazquez
Co-President joana.vazquez075@gmail.com
I spend a lot of my spare time watching educational television and movies, volunteering, and exploring the world. I enjoy learning about cultures, languages, science.. basically anything.
Sophia Wang
VP of Physician Recruitment and Social Affairs liw046@ucsd.edu
I’m a huge dork that loves Lord of the Rings, art, traveling, and dogs.     I also work for the UCSD Health System (mostly for the ER) as a medical scribe, and at the Zou Lab as a research assistant. Hmm…and an interesting thing: I’m a naturalized US Citizen but currently I’m a triple citizen of China, Singapore, and here…this will change soon though so I sort of want this on here so I seem cool and stuff.
Jenny Xiao
VP of Research mexiao@ucsd.edu
Make something happen for a cause! Other than doing science/medicine related things, I also enjoy singing, painting, dancing and playing the guitar in my spare time. I love meeting new people and going out to have fun!
Esther Vela
VP of Finance esthervela171@yahoo.com
I was born and raised in West Los Angeles. I grew up speaking Spanish, Italian and English. I work full-time as an EMT and attend UCSD full-time as well. I am very busy but on my free time I like to surf, bike, hike, dance, and volunteer to help people or animals in need. I am a 5th year Biology major who plans to become a physician’s assistant and continue to volunteer abroad in underserved communities for many years.
Michelle Lee
VP Fundraising msl029@ucsd.edu
I’m currently a third year studying Biochemistry. My obsessions include Friends (TV show), friends (actual), family, and Christmas!
Daniela Vital
VP Public Health & Mexico Liasion dgvital08@gmail.com
“I believe in improvement and I think we could do so many things if our passions focus on helping the needed and if we open up ourselves to learn from them as well. They have so much to share with us; they have modesty, purity, and faith.”
Joseline Ochoa
Public Health Co-chair j5ochoa@ucsd.edu
I’ve learned so much from the patients and each clinic trip is a new experience which I always look forward to! Besides working in the health field I love films, especially animated ones, and trying out new foods (but in moderation of course).
Shannon Zhang
Fundraising shannon.zhang93@hotmail.com
Hi 🙂 I’m a fourth year premed student who joined flying sams last year. Ever since my first flying sams meeting, I fell in love with its mission to serve the underprivileged in communities so close to home. We have so much to offer and flying sams gives the perfect opportunity for its members to reach out. When I’m not studying I like to sing, go to concerts, and go on roadtrips for fun. I also love to meet new people so if you ever need advice on the path towards medicine I’m here as well 🙂
Chris Carlson
Public Relations Co-Chair c2carlso@ucsd.edu
I am an incoming third year studying physiology & neuroscience. Coffee and music helps me get through the day. I also like watching Woody Allen movies and reading short stories by Isaac Asimov.
Mana Khajavi
Public Relations co-chair mana.khajavi@yahoo.com
I love drawing and painting. I enjoy art because it cannot be judged and there is no limit. I think there is no better way to express one’s feelings and emotions than through ART.
Kristoffer Wilkerson
Clinic Coordinator kwilkers@ucsd.edu
4th year Electrical Engineering major. I love long walks on the bea… oh wait wrong profile. I’m a multidisciplinary kind of guy, and am always interested in finding new ways to blend creative ideas. I’m a caffeine junky, so you can usually find me with a cup of joe pondering about when to have my next cup of joe, thinking of cool projects, or graphic designing.
Milad Bahmanof
Head Clinic Coordinator mbahmanof@gmail.com
“Providing to underserved communities, making new friends from different cultures and backgrounds, spending time with family, photography and playing sports. ‘Learn, Teach, Motivate, Guide, Lead, Influence”
Kiana Pham
Clinic Coordinator kpkianapham@gmail.com
I love being a part of Flying Sams. I love going to Mexico. It’s like taking a mini vacation. In my free time, I like to hike, take long walks, and watch scary movies =)
Jennifer Corona
Clinic Coordinator jencorona5.2.6@gmail.com
I am a second year Molecular Biology student who, in between donating my time wherever I can be of use, revels in various sedentary activities such as reading, finding bands to later hunt down in concert, broadening my pop culture horizons (aka TV watching), and ambitious crafting.
Assael Madrigal
Clinic/Pharmacy Administrator aamadrig@ucsd.edu
I’m from Tijuana and am doing my 4th year in Biochemistry. If you can’t find me in lab try looking at the beach and around La Jolla for a really fast runner.
Ruchi Trivedi
Pharmacy Admin rtrivedi@ucsd.edu
I’m excited to expand our pharmacy and provide even better health care this year through Flying Sams. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, picnics, Netflix, coffee, making jello and reading.. preferably all at the same time!
Jorge Espindola
Dental Committee jae1190@gmail.com
Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others.
Andrew Mikhail
Dental Coordinator andrewkmikhail@hotmail.com
Besides volunteering in the student-run free dental clinic, I frequently go to Mexico to do some deep sea fishing. I also enjoy binge watching TV shows, spending time with friends, and engaging in outdoor activities.
Sonia Ventura
Dental Coordinator soventur@gmail.com
First and foremost, I have to say, I love the Flying Sams! It provides with the opportunity to serve those in need in Mexico, which is a family tradition I grew up with. However, as a dental coordinator, I help a little differently but love it all the same.     Whenever I’m not preparing for the next trip, I’m practicing a Lindsay Bruce song on the guitar, at the beach watching the sunset, or watching fireworks during summer nights.
Gregory Marchese
Webmaster / IT & Dental Team gmarchese@ucsdflyingsams.com
“Outside of work and many personal projects, I am a double black belt martial artist, lover of EDM music, and locatable at the beach, rock climbing, or hunting down the next cup of non-mainstream coffee.”
Selena Lopez
Dental Committee heyselenalopez@gmail.com
I am an incoming third year studying physiology & neuroscience. Coffee and music helps me get through the day. I also like watching Woody Allen movies and reading short stories by Isaac Asimov.
My Phung
Secretary myphung2@yahoo.com
I’m happy to be able to continue helping Flying Sams for another year. I’m looking forward to meeting new and returning members in this gear year!