2018-2019 Officers

Arayaxtzi Iniguez : Public Health Officer

Arayaxtzi Iniguez

Public Health Officer

Hey hey (-: I'm a rising 4th year Human Biology major and Public Service minor, and this year's Public Health Officer! I'm a human being that's passionate about serving others, making the world a healthier place, and if you feed me and take me out to dance, we can be friends forever. I love getting to know others and making friends. Let's make this a year full of healing and increased awareness for wellness!

Diana Naamo : Dental Coordinator

Diana Naamo

Dental Coordinator

Hello! I am a Biology major in Marshall College and am currently pursuing dentistry. I am passionate about providing care and resources to underserved communities which is why I joined Flying Sams! I really love hiking, going to the beach, exploring new places, and watching TV!

Subathra Raj : President

Subathra Raj


Hello! My name is Subathra, but I go by Su. I'm a fourth year Cognitive Science major, and I'm planning on attending medical school! I love hiking, swimming in the ocean, snowboarding, spin classes, and most of all eating B) If you see me around please come say hi - I'm looking forward to getting to know all of our amazing members this year!

Aaron Chen : Pharm Admin

Aaron Chen

Pharm Admin

Hi! I'm a third year Biochemistry & Cell Biology major with aspirations to join the healthcare field. In my free time I enjoy hiking or finding new places to eat, and I'm always down to go explore San Diego.

Kevin Hsiao : Pharm Admin

Kevin Hsiao

Pharm Admin

Hello everyone :)) I am a 4th year studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology! I love watching TV Shows such as GOT, HIMYM, the Office, (many more) and doing outdoor activities and sports such as surfing, snowboarding and working out. I am super into the NBA and believe that the Lakers will win the championship this year. I am pre-PA and am super passionate about helping people especially in the medical aspect. Feel free to come up to me and talk to me about anything!!!!!!

Anika Balse : Clinic Coordinator

Anika Balse

Clinic Coordinator

Hey there! I'm finishing up my final year at UCSD as a Physiology and Neuroscience major & Business minor and can't wait for another amazing year in Flying Sams! Things that make me happy are making kombucha, small concerts, puppies, traveling, trying out new recipes, and sunset swimming with my friends!

Shiv Patel : Pharmacy Admin

Shiv Patel

Pharmacy Admin

Hey Guys! I am a 2nd year Human Biology major and Design minor. I enjoy doing archery, playing basketball, kayaking, and watching football. I also enjoy watching shows such as Friends, HIMYIM, and Suits. I look forward to a wonderful year!

Alejandra Felix Campos : Mexico Liaison

Alejandra Felix Campos

Mexico Liaison

My name is Alejandra (Ale). I am a third year Human Biology major. After college, I will like to attend Medical School. I was born and raised in Ensenada, Mexico. I joined Flying Samaritans because I wanted to give back to my community. Thanks to this opportunity, I feel even more connected to the city. In my free time, I like to run, hike, and go to the beach.

Crystal Tsui : Social Chair

Crystal Tsui

Social Chair

Hi! I’m a fourth year Microbiology major with a minor in Psychology. I’m from the Bay Area and I plan to attend medical school after college. Being a part of Flying Sams has exposed me to so many more opportunities in health care and has taught be to be a bigger person. I currently work as a lab assistant at the Salk Institute and I am a member of UCSD’s Alpha Chi Omega. I also enjoy going to the beach, watching TV, and trying new food places!

Jessica Wong : Fundraising Chair

Jessica Wong

Fundraising Chair

Hey everyone! I’m a third year Biochemistry and Cell Biology major from Arcadia, CA. I am interested in healthcare and hope to go to medical school in the future. When I’m not volunteering with Flying Sams I love swimming, hiking, reading, and watching GOT and Grey’s Anatomy. I am also obsessed with anything dog related!

Victor Escobedo : Clinic Coordinator

Victor Escobedo

Clinic Coordinator

Hey everyone! I'm a fourth year Human Bio major from San Diego. When I'm not in class, lab, or the hospital, I enjoy urban dance, snowboarding, and spicy food. I love Flying Sams because I have the privilege of contributing to a club full of amazing people that work hard to serve people that need it. And eat tacos together. That's cool too.

Sasha Jimenez : Dental Clinic Coordinator

Sasha Jimenez

Dental Clinic Coordinator

What is a Hallo und Willkommen!
My name is Sasha and I am a 5th year student at SDSU majoring in both Biology and Spanish. I was born into a low income community and family in Mexico City, and I see Flying Samaritans as an opportunity to give back to my community. I started coordinating SDSU Flying Sams in 2015 and was recently welcomed to coordinate UCSD’s Flying Sams too! My goal is to become a dentist and continue to give back to my community. When I’m not coordinating (stressing over) Flying Sams you will most likely find me lifeguarding at your local pool, eating ice cream, pretending to play water polo, or at any rock, punk, or metal concert, or most likely (like any other pre-health student) sleeping…

Angela Tomás : Physician Recruiter

Angela Tomás

Physician Recruiter

¡Hola! I’m a third year developmental psychology major from Muir college! I come from a Mexican household, specifically from Oaxaqueños which explains my shortness? I can eat Mexican food all day everyday! I like studying in the library, Starbucks, or in any of SD’s coffee shops! In my free time I enjoy going for hikes, going to the beach, going to the gym, and exploring SD! My ultimate goal is to become a physician and help underserved communities, and Flying Sams has taught a lot about doing so! I look forward to meeting you at our GBMs, socials, and clinics, they’re so much fun and so rewarding so come join us!

Garrick Johnson : President

Garrick Johnson


Hello everyone! Flying Sams has been fundamental to my undergrad experience in many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity to help people in need, for our volunteers who generously dedicate their time, and for the many wonderful people I have gotten to work with. When I'm not volunteering or studying, I enjoy exploring San Diego, spending time outdoors, and tacos. My name is Garrick and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Bernice Chen : Publicity Chair

Bernice Chen

Publicity Chair

Greetings! My name is Bernice Chen and I'm a third year Human Biology major. I want to become a physician assistant, hopefully sometimes within the next five years. I'm from LA, specifically the 626 area. If you want some super delicious food suggestions around there, you know who to ask! I love to cook, work out, do some yoga, watch movies, and explore around SD and LA.

Ashley Helmuth : Treasurer

Ashley Helmuth


Hello! My name is Ashley Helmuth, and I am a third year Molecular Biology major and Physics minor. In my free time I enjoy hiking, watching movies, and learning how to do new things. I got involved in Flying Sams because I wanted to be a part of a group dedicated to serving those in need.

Luis Robinson : Dental Coordinator

Luis Robinson

Dental Coordinator

I’m a foodie and I like to try new restaurants around San Diego. I like to hike, golf, and play basketball. This is my first year in Flying Sams, and I look forward to meeting and helping a lot of people this year.

Kenny Jones : Dental Coordinator Advisor

Kenny Jones

Dental Coordinator Advisor

I love to watch skate videos, photography, teeth, and having a great time.