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Meet Us on Library Walk–MONDAY, Oct 2nd!

Hello all!! Welcome back to the new school year! Get excited because Flying Samaritans will be tabling on Library Walk  during week one, MONDAY, October 2nd!

Come check out our table to learn more about Flying Sams and what we do as a org in Ensenada, Mexico.

You can also come between classes and earn a clinic point for every hour you table (for up to 3 clinic points)! Sign up at the link below:

Good luck on your Week 1 classes Flying Samaritans! Hope to see you at our table on Library Walk!

MVP Officer of 2016-2017: Subathra Raj

Congratulations to our MVP Officer of the 2016-2017 year, Subathra Raj! Nominated by her peers, we recognize how much passion she carries for Flying Sams.

“Does her job exceptionally and creatively. Always kind and friendly. Really cares about the mission of Flying Sams.”

“She puts a lot of effort into her job, shows a lot of passion, and is dedicated to the club.”

Thank you for putting time and dedication towards Flying Sams!


Coordinator: Anika Balse

Patients seen: 25

We had an early car leave at 5:30 to head down to set up the clinicThe other 2 cars for volunteers met on campus at 5:30 and after waiting for the pharmacist, who eventually did not show up, we left around 6:00, took one bathroom break before the first toll, and arrived at the clinic at around 8:00 am. The 3 providers drove to the clinic separately and arrived around 9:00 am, so we did not see patients until 9:15 am. In total we saw 25 patients before leaving at 1:50 pm. We ate at the usual taco shop and left for the border around 2:40 pmhe border took about 45 minutes to cross. We used the ready lane while volunteers without passport cards walked across the border with officers. By the time all cars crossed it was 5:15 pm. All cars headed back to UCSD or to drop off volunteers where they lived.


Coordinators: Anthony Talaugon

Patients seen: 16

Due to no parking on campus from graduation, our plan was to carpool with everyone who needed a ride. Our goal was to leave by 6:00am, but we did not leave until 6:15am. Our three cars caravanned together down to Mexico, took one bathroom break near the second toll, and arrived at clinic at approximately 8:45am. We only had one medical provider this trip so the flow of clinic was slower. Furthermore, we only had one dental provider limiting the amount of patients we could see to 6. Medical saw 16 patients and we left clinic at 2:45pm. After eating lunch across the street we headed to the border at 3:40pm. The border took about 45 minutes to cross. We used the ready lane while volunteers without passport cards walked across the border with officers. By the time all cars crossed it was 6:45pm. All cars headed back to UCSD or to drop off volunteers where they lived.

Oasis Study Social—Thursday, June 8!

This week’s study social will be at the Oasis floor (3rd floor) in Center Hall for their weekly open STEM subject tutoring. There will be room to study without tutoring, as well as tutors available for STEM classes such as math classes, gen chem, ochem, and physics. This will be a clinic point event – so come out to study with other Flying Sams and also get help in your STEM classes! Our study social will be from 7-10pm but the tutors will be there from 5-10pm!

Princeton Review MCAT Auction

18342041_481819858823826_3685625165960364851_nPrinceton Review is giving out 1 discounted MCAT Ultimate 123-hour course voucher! The voucher that you’ll receive if you are the top highest bidder will be valid until May 2018! More info about the course can be found here:



Bidding will end on Friday, June 2nd at 11:59 PM.
In order for your bid to be considered, you are required to submit a $100 deposit to @FlyingSams account on Venmo. If you are not chosen as the winner, your $100 will be reimbursed to you.
Starting value for the bid is $1799
The value for the course is $2799.

Here is the link to sign-up!

Note: Your highest bid would be your official bid, no exceptions. If chosen as the winner, you are required to pay your bid amount. All bids submitted are looked upon as final sales. Good luck!


Coordinators: Andres Perkins

Patients seen: 26

Four cars with general members, officers, and a pharmacist met at Stein Parking lot, UCSD at 5:30am and arrived at clinic at about 9:00am. Providers drove themselves with an officer and got there at around 9:30am. Everything was flowing well starting at around 9:45am. Histories/Vitals were finished about two hours before providers were (we saw many patients, and there were supposed to be 3 providers, but one dropped). I sent one wave (with multiple officers) to eat before, so that there wouldn’t be people waiting around and talking loudly. Public Health had a presentation and Dental was very busy, leaving at 6:00pm. Providers left with two officers and did not get tacos. The three other cars stopped to get tacos, then at a pharmacy to dispose of expired medication. We got lost for about 10 minutes, but an officer used Google Maps to get us on track. We took highway 1 up to the San Ysidro border, which was a complicated route with heavy traffic and many traffic lights. We have decided to not take that route anymore. All cars got back by 8:30pm besides dental, which got back at around 11:00pm.

Public Health Officer App is Now Available!!

Public Health Officer Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are out!

Want to utilize your Spanish and help others? Then apply to be a Public Health Officer! You will be giving health-related presentations to the patients at our clinic and gaining volunteer experience! As an officer you will have priority on clinic trips too!!!

Anyone is welcome to apply!

Deadline is Wednesday, May 31st at 11:59pm

Public Health Officer Protocol

Public Health officer Application