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Make a donation to our club every time you shop at Ralphs!

Want to donate to our club at NO COST to you? Help us raise funds to run our clinic by designating us as your community contribution for every time you’re shopping at Ralphs!

1) Go to
2) Click on “sign in” or “create an account”
3) Go to “account settings” and “community rewards” to list “Flying Samaritans at UCSD” as your community contribution.
4) Turn in a receipt listing “Flying Samaritans at UCSD” as your beneficiary at the bottom in person, or scan a copy to secretary Amy Phan to earn a clinic point.

That’s it! You earn a small percentage of your receipt for us every time you make a purchase at no money out of your pocket!

Share this with your friends and family, and thank you to you in advance!

– Flying Sams at UCSD

1st GBM! Wednesday 10/17, 8pm at the Green Table room

We will be having our first GBM of the school year at the PC West Green Table Room at 8PM (this is in sun god lounge, above PC theatre).  There will be FREE PIZZA and a guest speaker, Dr. Rajasekaran!  Come learn what we’re about, see our speaker, enjoy some free food and learn what it is to be a Flying Sam. We look forward to meeting you all!

Green Table Room:

Clinic Trip Sign-ups – October 20, 2012

Hello everybody!

We will be holding our next clinic trip on Saturday, October 20th. In order to provide the best opportunities for our most active members, participation in 2 of the following events will be required to attend the clinic.


GBM #1 on 10/17 (There will be free pizza!)

Be a paid member – $25 (We are starting a new year so everyone needs pay for membership )

Hiking Social

Sign up for Ralphs card donations

Help us tabling on library walk

If you can attend at least 2 events by the 20th and have a valid US passport we encourage you to apply!  Apart from event attendance, people who are able to drive or who are fluent Spanish speakers will also be given priority.

Here is the link to sign up:


Look forward to a great clinic!

FS Clinic Coordinator

Clinic Report – September 15, 2012

 Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic: 9/15/12


Total # of volunteers: 7

Names of Volunteers: Kiana








# of Health Professionals: 2

Health Professionals: Dr. Rivera and Dr. Patel


Total Patients Seen: ~32 (10 = clothes donation, 12 = Dentistry information, 32 = medical)





# Special Cases:

Special Cases: An old deaf woman with swollen feet. We had a hard time explaining to her about her diabetes.

A 2yo baby girl with Down syndrome has heart disease (hole in her heart )=(. She needs an ultrasound of the heart and surgery.




Pharmacy: Still trying to organize it better. Need more labels


Vitals: Need covers for thermometer, another bottle of hand sanitizer. The vital station works better when there is 2 people working together. The lab was not really utilized. Also need HBA1C strips for lab.


Translator: Need more Spanish speakers




Histories: More labels

1st GBM, Hiking Social, FREE FOOD, and more!


Come join us for our fall events!

>>Hiking Social, Saturday, October 6th, 2012:

Start off the quarter with a hike with the Flying Samaritans; socialize with current and new members, meet our officers, and enjoy a hike and FREE FOOD!

>>1st GBM, Wednesday, October 17th, 2012:

We will be having our first GBM of the school year at the PC West Green Table Room at 8PM.  There will be FREE PIZZA and a guest speaker, Dr. Rajasekaran!  Come learn what we’re about, see our speaker, enjoy some free food and learn what it is to be a Flying Sam.

>>Upcoming Clinic Trip!

Saturday, October 20th, 2012.  Please come to our GBM for more information about membership requirements to attend the trip.

Clinic Report April 21st 2012

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic: April 21, 2012


Total # of volunteers: 13

Names of Volunteers: Anelah McGuinness

Raymond Lam

Oleg Stens

Vicky Yu

Vanessa Muniz

Amy Nguyen

Shaila Bonanno

Ellen Zacarias

Alisha Wagoner

Tricia Ngo

Sonny Yoo

Ricky Lozano

LiYin Lan


# of Health Professionals: 4

Health Professionals: Dr. Dennis Andrade

Mary Gettys (Nurse)

Erica Garcia (Nurse)

Caroline Kaemerle (3rd year medical student)


Total Patients Seen: 16

Women: 7

Men: 5

Children: 4


# Special Cases: 2

Special Cases: Woman with pneumonia

Child with an allergic reaction to chocolate




Lab: Need to train people on how to use the lab tests. Skill based, so the two volunteers (Amy and Vicky) stayed at the station the entire time. The doctor used quite a lot of the tests, so seems quite successful.


Pharmacy: Still needs to put everything back on the shelf from the bags.


Vitals: NA


Translator: plenty (Dr. Andrade, Mary Gettys, Erica Garcia, Vanessa Muniz, Ricky Lozano, Alisha Wagoner, and Anelah McGinness all could translate or talk to patients)


Seminars: Wasn’t awkward that Ricky presented some women’s health stuff. Patients seemed very receptive to the women’s health topics.


Histories: Plenty of Spanish speakers.

Clinic Report March 24th 2012

Clinic Trip March 24th


UCSD Flying Samaritans clinic trip on March 24th was one filled with a lot of major projects to help improve the clinic, along with the usual diagnosing of patients. There were about 30 patients that were seen by both the dentist and the doctor. There were about 17 volunteers, who attended this trip. In the morning, the clinic administrators had gone to organize the medications, since they had all been relocated before the repairing of the roof. These e-board members stayed at the clinic the entire day organizing the medications and making it into the “pharmacy they have always dreamed of”. Although it was a lot of hard work, its safe to say we not only have a great looking repaired roof, but also a very organized pharmacy. The global health board members also came and educated about nutrition, and this time it was predominately about reading the nutrition labels on the back of food products. Also, the healthy elements that should be present in our daily meals. During this time, we had also brought out dentist with us, Dr.Raja; however, she was only able to give consultations. We are hoping to grow our dentistry, and hopefully be able to do fillings and extractions in the near future. Along with our vitals station, we have started to grow a lab. In this lab, we will be checking patient’s Hemoglobin A1C, conducting urine analysis, and checking for cholesterol/HDL/triglycerides. The community center also was waiting for the new president to come to the clinic and pay a visit. Therefore, it was decorated with beautiful tablecloths and flowers. Sadly, the president never showed up. However, we did have a few important guests join us at the clinic such as the HDA. Overall, it was a great clinic trip. A few negative effects that occurred was that the roof started to leak again, which means we need to get it repaired once again or see exactly why they didn’t fix it well the first time around. Also, we were short on Spanish speakers, so hopefully next time we can recruit more Spanish speaking volunteers.

Clinic Report February 18th 2012

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic: Feb 18, 2012


Total # of volunteers: 18

Names of Volunteers: Ashley Bauer

Elan Sherazee

Anelah McGuiness

Irene Kim

Milad Bahmanof

Maria Ruiz

Christine Vu

Nam Chi Vu

Debbie Ly

Amy Nguyen

Crystal Estrada

Vanessa Muniz

Diana Kirchmann

Christopher Paddock

Thanhmy Nguyen

LiYin Lan

Theresa Tran

Victoria Phan


# of Health Professionals: 1

Health Professionals: Dr. Shantu Patel


Total Patients Seen: 21

Females: 17

Males: 4


# Special Cases:

Special Cases: x




Pharmacy: Packed everything up and moved it into the dental room so that the roof can be fixed. There’s still a lot of black mold on the ceilings and moisture in the room in general.


Vitals: Couldn’t find the glucometers (embrace) that matched the strips at fit=rst; then we found 100s of glucometer strips.


Translators: Maria, Crystal, Vanessa, and Diana all spoke Spanish and rotated between translating for Dr. Patel and collecting patient histories.


Seminars: Went well. Crystal, Vanessa, and Ashley went around asking patients about what they did and did not know about oral health. They ended the day with a presentation about oral health in general. The patients seemed appreciative of the information and asked a lot of questions. They requested that the PH team do something about nutrition.


Histories: Patient history files were left behind in SD, so all forms were collected and will be handed off to Amy for filing.