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Chalkboarding for our GBM – Earn Clinic Credit!

Chalkboarding for GBM

Do you have an 8am? Do some easy chalkboarding the morning of the week 7 GBM to let everyone know how great we are!

Sign up on this Googledoc for a lecture hall to Chalkboard on the morning of the 22nd before 8am:

If you put your name you are committing to chalkboarding in order to get clinic credit.

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser #2!

Kripy Kreme Fundraiser! We will be doing another Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Wednesday, Feb 29th, of 8th week!

The first one was super fun and a success so we figured we would do it again! We will again be preselling donuts at $10/box, so ask around your lab, office, class, etc.

Please email if you would like to order a box. Super great: WE WILL DELIVER right to your hands on the 29th! We sold-out last time thanks to members helping us sell on library walk. We will make sure to buy PLENTY of doughnuts this time around, and sell all extras to freshman dorms at night.

If you are able to help out even if just for an hour please sign up on the following doodle to help sell doughnuts with us! As always, this counts as a clinic event.

Winter Org Wonderland! Come to help us table!

Winter Org Wonderland

We will be tabling for the Winter Org Wonderland, i.e. student org fair on Tuesday, Feb 21st, from 10am-2pm, so stop by our booth on library walk to say hello or to help us table!

If you want to help with the tabling, fill out this following Doodle:  Tabling counts as an event to get clinic eligibility! We’ll be handing out flyers, advertising the GBM, and telling the world how great the Flying Sams are!

See you there!

Winter Org Wonderland

 We will be tabling for the Winter Org Wonderland, ie student org fair on Tuesday, Feb 21st, from 10am-2pm, so stop by our booth on library walk and say hi!

Winter GBM – Week 7

Hi Flying Sams!

Need a break from all those midterms? Come to our GBM!

Our 2nd winter quarter GBM is coming up! The GBM will be next Wednesday, 2/22, at 8pm in the Dolores Huerta Room, near the old student center. The meeting should be great! Princeton Review will be coming and raffling off some books and providing information for personal statements for grad school! If you plan on applying this year, you should start writing your personal statement NOW-and this will be very informative for you!

We are excited to have Crystal Rubin, a registered nurse come and talk about her path to becoming a nurse and volunteer experiences. She will also be giving a vitals “how-to” so that all member can effectively run the vitals station at clinic! We will have tutorials on heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, temperature, etc. So come learn how to take a blood pressure and blood glucose levels! (dont worry, we will have oranges to prick instead of skin)

Hope to see you there! As always, the GBM counts as an event for clinic eligibility-make sure to sign in when you get there.

Clinic Trip – Saturday 2/18

Hey all!

We will be having a clinic trip in two weeks to our clinic in Ensenada. If you are interested, please fill out the form at the following link. You will be notified by Sunday 2/12 if you have been selected.

As always, please email if you have any questions.

LiYin Lan
FS Coordinator

SDSU Clinic Trip

Hi everyone!

SDSU will be holding their next clinic trip on Saturday, Feb 11th. As part of our collaboration with them, we are pleased to send a car-full of UCSD students to visit their clinic.Their clinic has a great connection with the community, their trips are very fun, and members who are selected to go on this trip will benefit from gaining more diverse experience with different low-resource interventions. There’s more than one way to run a clinic in Mexico!

Besides event participation (including committee participation and all events up to the taco fundraiser Feb 3rd), Spanish speakers and drivers will also be given priority.

You will receive notification by Sunday night, Feb 5th whether or not you have been selected. If you have not been selected for this trip, you will be eligible for selection for the UCSD Feb 18th trip (sign ups to come next week). So go ahead, apply away!

Sign up link for SDSU Feb 11th trip:

Thank you!
Clinic Coordinator

Fundraising Committee

Hi Everybody,

Interested in helping with or creating fundraising events with your fellow Flying Sams? If so, come join our Fundraising Committee!

We will be meeting in Conference Room 554a (5th floor of the New Student Center, right above Financial Aid/Croutons, use the elevators) WEDNESDAY, February 1st at 9PM!! If you would like to attend please email me at, and if you get lost the day of call me at (818)730-2272.

We will be discussing our next few fundraising event such as the Taco Fundraiser, Letter Writing Campaign and the Dunk Tank Fundraiser. Fundraising is an important aspect of our organization because it provides us with the support to keep our clinic up to date!

Thank you and hope to see you all soon!

Taco Fundraiser (Yummm!)

We will be having our TACO FUNDRAISER next Friday, February 3rd from 10-3PM on Library Walk (during the Vendor Fair).

We hope that most of you will be able to help us complete our fundraising goals for this event. We need a lot of help and any form of support is appreciated. If you are available to do a shift, please complete this doodle: Also, if you are not able to do a shift, come over during your break and buy a carne asada taco or nachos!

Also, the Facebook Page for this Fundraiser is : Please invite all of your friends and help us make this event a success!!

See you there Flying Sams!

Clinic Report Jan 21st 2012

Date of Clinic: January 21, 2012

Total # of volunteers: 12 volunteers
Names of Volunteers:
Alberto Gomez
Sanminder Singh
Amy Phan
Louisa So
Minh Pham
Phoebe Kim
Emily Barney
Nam Chi Vu
Ksenia Zavorotinskaya
Kiana Pham
Sonny Yoo
Anelah McGinness

# of Health Professionals:
Health Professionals: 1 resident (Cynthia Wilson) 1 dentist (Dr. Raja)

Total Patients Seen: 15
Women: 8
Men: 1
Children: 6

# Special Cases:
Special Cases:
There was a man who came in with psoriasis. It was all around his arms, neck, and armpits.
A 60yo woman has highly uncontrolled diabetes. She also has angina and leg cramps/pain. The resident gave her 3 different medications. The patient didn’t want to take one of the medications given because she said it makes sick.
Besides those two cases, most of the patients came in because of virals or influenzas

Pharmacy: Out of labels and surgical masks

Vitals: need more gloves

Translator: We were short on translators


Histories: The patient history folders were well organized