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GBM – January 25, 2012 (1st of Winter Quarter)

The first GBM of winter quarter is coming up! Join all your fellow Flying Sams 8-9:30 PM Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at the Dolores Huerta Room (located within Mandeville Center). Dr. David Rose, a former UCSD admissions committee member, old Flying Samaritan, and the current president of the amazing organization Healing Hearts Across Borders will be coming to speak about his organization.

We will also be having a Tapioca Express (TapEx) boba run after the GBM! Come with us to socialize, grab some great drinks and help raise funds for the Flying Sams!

Jan. 21 Clinic Trip Sign-up/Announcement!

Hi everyone,

The UCSD Flying Samaritans will be holding its next clinic trip on Saturday, January 21st. Here’s the link to sign up (copy and paste into your browser if it doesn’t work):

We meet at UCSD at the corner of Myers and Gilman at 7AM and we will return to UCSD around 8PM. You will need a valid US Passport (non-US citizens need additional documents).

If you have any questions check the FAQ at our website ( or email us at

UCSD Flying Samaritans

Thank you to our donors!

We are happy to announce that the Helmstetter Family Foundation responded to our letter-writing campaign with a $1000 check for the Flying Samaritans at UCSD.

We are also grateful to Torrey Pines Rotary Club and their president Donald Yeckel for their donation of $250.

We mailed 100 family foundations in San Diego asking for donations to support our various projects towards the development of our little clinic in Chapultapec, and it looks like it was just a matter of finding the people who were kind enough to open their hearts to our cause. The funds will be used to purchase needed supplies for the provision of basic medical services for our patients in Ensenada, Mexico.

Clinic Report Dec 10th 2011

Total # of volunteers: 16

# of Health Professionals: 1 + his wife
Health Professionals: Dr. Darren Chambers

Total Patients Seen: 26 patients
Females: 18
Males: 8


Pharmacy: Ran out of sandwich bags for the medications, so LiYin and Amy went to buy some more.

Vitals: Two new blood pressure cuffs and a new scale helped. There weren’t any blood glucose strips, so Ricky and Amy went to buy some more.

Translator: 4 volunteers were native Spanish speakers, which made patient histories pretty accurate and facilitated the flow of patients into and out of clinic. The doctor himself is a Spanish speaker, and did not require a translator.

Seminars: NA

Histories: Crystal and Vanessa, native Spanish speakers, switched off getting patient histories. Amy still working on the patient history labels. She will finish them up in SD. Will switch to manila folders with tabs on the top, switch to organization by birthdate, and get rid of green hanging files.

Other: We almost had to have clinic outdoors due to the roof being incomplete. The entire building was covered, so we could hold clinic indoors, despite some of the building materials being all over the triage room. The mold smell in the pharmacy is much better now. The fiesta went well. Prizes were handed out, face-painting, and a piñata was set up for the kids.

Clinic report Nov 19th 2011

Doctors: 3 residents, Erica Sanford, Gabe, and Sow
Volunteers: 4 cars’ worth, about 17 volunteers
patients: ~25

• patient history keeping system improvement:
o They will be organized by DOB (MM/DD/YYYY) but we’ll still put their name, as given (first, middle, last last) underneath to check their identity when they come back
o Need to get the gallon hanging files to put the files in
• special cases:
o 1yo baby with down syndrome had a hole in the heart common for kids with down syndrome to have heart problems); will get a special toy for her and told her to see a cardiologist; will need surgery; family did not seem to have a problem with getting the surgery
o sister of that baby had stomach problems, suspect H pylori infection (causes ulcers). Gave her some antacids, and told them to come back next month and we need to buy the drugs needed for H pylori treatment and give to her at the Dec 10th clinic
• Issues/news:
o And it rained during the week; there was a waterfall in the dental room it seems and Maria Elena got shocked pretty bad when she went in. need to fix the roof, then can fix up other areas. Blood pressure cuff was wet and broken, scale was also broken; need new ones
o brought down over $10,000 worth of donated meds, from Kingsway and nice new ear thermometers, and glucose strips from Medwish (plus some intubating stuff, amusingly enough) and many brought in by a member with connections to doctors in OC (were not stopped, ran into no problems with the meds; had a customs letter from DIF for each car just in case but we did not need to use it)
o Progress on roof: Anelah gave Maribel from DIF the rest of the donation, Maribel will contact the contractor on Tuesday, then the actual building should take 10 days; they will put our meds in the pharmacy in boxes marked A-G to protect them from the elements and local hooligans while that room is exposed. Hope that we will have new roof before the end of the year.

Toy Drive!

Hi Everybody!

This TUESDAY will be our Toy Drive! And we need as many volunteers as possible to make this happen! It will be from 10-3PM.

Please fill out the doodle, http?://www?.?doodle?.?com/7bd28tzfuugfwnqk . And remember it helps you become eligable for our next clinic trip! This clinic trip will be a very exciting one because we will be hosting a fiesta along with the usual visit.

Please invite your friends on Facebook, http?://www?.?facebook?.?com/events/279488478757372/ . Also, don’t forget to drop of your toys for the children during that day.

If you look for toys over the thanksgiving break, don’t worry you can still donate it! Please drop it off in-front of Anelah’s dorm in Geneva 205 in ERC.

See you guys soon :D!

GBM #2 – November 9th

Hey Flying Sams!

Just a reminder to you all that we will be having our 2nd GBM this WEDNESDAY at 8:30 PM in the DOLORES HUERTA room in the old student center (near porters pub and mandeville coffee cart area). Note that the time has been changed to 8:30 PM due to room availability.

The Guest speaker will be the President of the Palomar Chapter (ie Southern California) of the Flying Samaritans. He will provide lots of insight on the Flying Samaritans and should have some wonderful stories!

We will also be having a TapEX Fundraiser after the meeting and we can all walk over to PC together and do some great fundraising for our club!

Furthermore, committees will be meeting for the first time so make sure to come if you are interested in joining!

PS. We are having a Kripy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser on Tuesday of next week, so if you’d like to purchase a box of doughnuts please bring 10 dollars to the GBM.

Don’t forget to also bring your membership form and membership fee to the GBM.

Hope to see you all there!

The Flying Sams at UCSD

Donation collection!

Join us November 22nd on library walk 10AM-3PM to gather donations! You (and anyone else) can come by the table to drop off donations during these days! Alternatively, you can stop by Geneva 205 between now and December 10th (our December clinic trip) at any time, or at any of our events.

If you are interested in helping out with tabling on the 22nd, please fill out this doodle to let us know when you can come!
Doodle link:

Doughnut Sale

Greetings Samaritans!

Come and join us for our doughnut sale on Tuesday, November 15th (week 8)!

You can help out with our doughnut fundraiser by ordering a box of donuts ($10/dozen) by emailing! You can pay either at the GBM on November 9th or at any event. We will have the boxes for them on the 15th for pick up on Library Walk.

Fill out the doodle here if you are planning to attend: Click here!

Newsletter – November 2011


Flying Samaritans UCSD



Hello Flying Samaritans!

We have many new and exciting updates for you!




  1. GBM #2
  2. TapEx Fundriasing Social
  3. Next Clinic Trip- November 19th
  4. Physician Recruiting Event
  5. Medicine Sorting Party
  6. Toy, Clothing, and Goods Drive!
  7. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser
  8. Announcing Committees!!


1. GBM #2

We will be having our next GBM on Wednesday November 9th (week 7) at 8pm on campus, room TBA. This GBM will focus on the practical aspects of the clinic. We will be teaching you how to take blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and also clarifying what those numbers mean. There will also be a surprise Guest Speaker coming, so it will be a meeting you don’t want to miss. Towards the end, we will be breaking up into committee groups so that the members are aware of everything going on and get more involved in different aspects of flying sams (see below for more info). Hope to see you there!


2. TapEx Fundriasing Social

MMmmmmm Boba, you know you love it! After our GBM (so probably around 9pm) we will be having a TapEx Social so come out, get some boba, and get to know your fellow club members!


3. Next Clinic Trip- November 19th

Our next Clinic trip will be on Saturday November 19th! This is the Saturday after 8th week/before Thanksgiving. This trip is being coordinated by our Vice President, Ricky, and the email for sign up’s will be sent out at a later time. We will have 3 doctors coming along on this trip so it should be a good one!

Due to the high demand in attending clinics, we will be rewarding those members that show a strong commitment to the club. In order to be eligible for this clinic, you must attend 2 of the following events. More info about the events is below in the remainder of the newsletter.


GBM #1 on 10/12

GBM #2 on 11/9

Be a paid member

Participate in Physician Recruiting

Participate in the medicine sorting event

Future Events (will occur after 11/19):

Toy and Clothing Drive

Doughnut Fundraiser


4. Physician Recruiting Event

If you were present at the last GBM you know that we are enlisting the help of members to recruit physicians to join the club. We would like you to go to a doctor’s office, either individually or with other Flying Sammers, and let them know about our club. Going in person often brings more success than simply sending out e-mails and this is a great way to get to know other club members. This is a great opportunity if you are pre-med or pre-dental since you will be interacting with physicians and dentists on a personal level. If interested please e-mail Da Seul at


5. Medicine Sorting Party

We have recently received a large donation of medicine for the club! yay! But now we must sort through the meds in order to know where to put them in the pharmacy. This is a great learning experience especially for anyone interested in pharmacy in the future. note: knowlege of medicine is not necessary to participate in this event, but it will help. Make sure to bring a computer along wih you so that we can quickly look up any unknown meds. We will be sorting through the meds the day before the next clinic, on November 18th at 6pm in the Green Table Room in PC, Friday of week 8. So keep your calendars marked if you are interested!


6. Toy, Clothing, and Goods Drive!

In preparation for our Fiesta/Holiday Clinic, we will be having a toy and clothing drive! These donations will go to the families who go to our Ensenada clinic. If you have any useful donations, we will be tabling on library walk in the near future (times TBA) and you can drop them off there. In addition, you can drop off donations anytime outside of Geneva apt 205 (in iHouse, closer to the gym) until December 10th. All donations are accepted, as long as the items are in reasonable condition!


7. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser

I wanted to let all of you know of a great fundraiser we will have coming up in the future! Doughnuts! Everyone loves Krispy Kreme, so we will be selling these delicious doughnuts on library walk. You can even reserve an entire box for yourself and your friends. More Info will be sent out about this later and announced at the GBM, but we would love to see our members help us in selling them (Also good news- count as a clinic eligibility event)! So keep this is the back of your mind, as your tastebuds dance with joy.


8. Announcing Committees!!

Are you looking to get more involved with Flying Sams but don’t know how? I’m so excited to let you know that we now have commitees! With the committee you can have say in what we do, how we do it, and take part in planning and executing any events. Fresh ideas are always welcome! All of the committees are vital to the success of the clinic, so if interested I urge you to join! Anyone can join and you can put in however much or little time that you want. Committees will meet after GBMs and will be led by one of our officers. Here are the committees:

Public Health Committee

Responsible for determining what public health presentations to give to the patients of the clinic based on local health problems or any gaps in health education of the population. This is great for anyone interested in international health since you will be the one figuring out important health topics and creating unique ways to relay the information to the patient. Spanish is NOT NECESSARY to join this committee. If interested please email committee head Ricky Lozano at

Physician Recruiting CommitteeÂ

Responsible for getting the word out to local physicians and dentists, telling them about the greatness that is the Flying Sams. Super important committee in determining the number of clincs that we can have in the future. Again, open to anyone and creative ideas are much appreciated. If interested please email committee head Da Seual Park at

Fundraising and Donations Committee

Responsible for the creating and implementing fundraising events for the club around campus. We must fundraise in order to keep a stocked pharmacy! Lots of opportunites here. If interested please email committee head Madlena at

Dentistry Commitee

Responsible for the up and coming dental portion of our clinic. This committee definitley has the most leeway as we are building the dental clinic from basically the ground up. If interested please email Anelah at



Thank you for reading through this ridiculously long newsletter!

PS. Are there any Flying Sam-mers looking to take a Princeton Review Course? If so contact us at to recieve a discount on your class!