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May 20 clinic trip


Coordinators: Andres Perkins

Patients seen: 26

Four cars with general members, officers, and a pharmacist met at Stein Parking lot, UCSD at 5:30am and arrived at clinic at about 9:00am. Providers drove themselves with an officer and got there at around 9:30am. Everything was flowing well starting at around 9:45am. Histories/Vitals were finished about two hours before providers were (we saw many patients, and there were supposed to be 3 providers, but one dropped). I sent one wave (with multiple officers) to eat before, so that there wouldn’t be people waiting around and talking loudly. Public Health had a presentation and Dental was very busy, leaving at 6:00pm. Providers left with two officers and did not get tacos. The three other cars stopped to get tacos, then at a pharmacy to dispose of expired medication. We got lost for about 10 minutes, but an officer used Google Maps to get us on track. We took highway 1 up to the San Ysidro border, which was a complicated route with heavy traffic and many traffic lights. We have decided to not take that route anymore. All cars got back by 8:30pm besides dental, which got back at around 11:00pm.


Coordinators: Nick Sun

Patients seen: 23

Everyone met at Stein parking lot at 5:30am. I had an early car leave at 5:30 to set up the clinic. We gave a brief meeting and introduced everyone to each other.  Every provider and every volunteer showed up. We left Stein around 6am and headed towards the clinic. We arrived at the clinic and started the clinic flow. Around a total of 23 patients signed up and we saw all of them. Clinic ran very smoothly and EMR was also running efficiently. In Mexico, it was the day of the kids and we provided some candy, a piñata, and cake. We finished at 2pm and got something to eat and then headed home. We arrived back at Stein parking lot around 7:30pm. Overall, it was a successful and smooth clinic.

3/25 Clinic

Clinic Report: March 25, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Anthony Talaugon

Patients seen: 15

A majority of the volunteers and all 4 providers met at the Stein Clinical Parking lot at 5:30am. An earlier group that consisted of a co-president, Jennifer Corona, and 4 volunteers met at 5:15am and departed at 5:30am in order to set up clinic before the rest of the group arrived. The larger group, consisting of 3 cars, left UCSD at 6:00am and arrived at clinic around 8:30am. When we arrived there were only a few patients present who were signed up for medical treatment, while the rest of the patients trickled in throughout the day. We possibly will need to clarify to Maria Elena that we will be starting clinic earlier so that more patients are signed up by the time we get there. Sending an earlier car was useful and allowed clinic to begin faster. A total of 15 medical patients were seen. 7 of the patients were children. Dr. Pfeiffer only treated the children while Dr. Horton and Dr. McCauley only treated the adults. Dental saw 10 patients. We left clinic around 2:00pm, ate lunch at Tacos El Poblano, and headed to the border. Our co-president, Cassidy Koo, drove a car with only the providers on the way back because she had a passport card and could help providers get home faster. We got to the border around 5:00pm, crossed, and got back to UCSD around 8:30pm.

February 25th Clinic Photo

Clinic Report: February 25, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Andres Perkins and Natalie Albasha

Patients Seen: 18

We left Stein in two waves, planned as a 5am wave and a 645am wave. This was due to a short-notice declaration by the Mayor of Ensenada that he was going to visit the clinic site at 9am. We would have all left early, but some providers were not comfortable with waking up so early/ driving in the dark. One of the drivers arrived late to the 5am wave, but they still got there at about 9am and saw about two patients until the second got there. There was a little bit of disorganization and confusion as we set up. This was due to one of the consult rooms being damaged by the recent rain (which we ended up using as a consult room anyway, as suggested by the provider using it), the Mayor walking around with members of Rotary Vista and Rotary Ensenada, and setting up of EMR. This was the first trip that EMR was to be implemented, and there were many problems. First, there were syncing issues due to login problems, volunteers were unprepared (which was my fault), and there was syncing issues between the pharmacy, lab, and consult stations. We eventually switched back to paper for the last half of the clinic. I sent the providers back early (due to requests) with Juan Moreno, a Spanish-speaking officer with cell service in Mexico, that knew the way back. Also, Dr. Horton drove herself and Abel across, since they both could go in the sentry lane. They got back around 730pm. The rest of us ate tacos and got back around 830pm.

1/28 Clinic

Clinic report: January 28, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Natalie Albasha and Shaddy Malik

Patients seen: 14

We met at the Stein Clinical Parking lot at 6:30am, and had a total of 3 medical cars and one dental car. The medical cars left around 7:15am, but coordinated on their own and drove separate from us. Once we arrived at the clinic, volunteers were instructed to wait outside while officers checked out the clinic to see the extent of damage caused by flooding earlier that month. We found that there was mold in nearly every room and that consult room 2’s ceiling had fallen through. The dental building reported having a damaged part of of their ceiling as well but was much less obvious than in medical and not as large. Co-president Cassidy took pictures of the issues. We were able to provide 2 consult rooms, one in consult room 1 and another in the old pharmacy room with 2 medical providers. We ended up seeing 14 patients in which 9 were children. The children were seen by only Dr. Lieuko as Dr. Trapp preferred to see the adults. We finished clinic around 3:00pm and headed to Tacos El Poblano . We left to the border around 4:30pm and crossed back into the US around 9:00pm. Everyone met at Stein afterwards where I collected the binders, walkie talkies, and patient files.

12/10 Clinic


Coordinators: Nick Sun and Shaddy Malik

Patients seen: 60

Everyone met at Stein parking lot at 6:30am. We gave a brief meeting and introduced everyone to each other.  Every provider and every volunteer showed up except for two. Two volunteers felt very sick in the morning and had to cancel. We left Stein around 7am and headed towards the clinic. We arrived at the clinic, got set up, and started the clinic flow. Around a total of 75 patients signed up and we saw 60. We took a quick break around 2pm and helped out with donations and the piñata outside for the kids. We finished at 5pm and got something to eat and then headed home. We arrived back at Stein parking lot around 11:15. Overall, it was a successful and smooth clinic.

11/19 Clinic


Coordinators: Anthony Talaugon and Andres Perkins

Patients seen: 19

There were a total of 6 cars for this clinic. 5 cars belonged to medical while 1 car belonged to dental. For this trip, dental was not able to bring any dentists due to issues with licenses, but 3 dental officers still joined clinic to prepare the dental room for next month. We met at Stein Clinical parking lot at 6:30am and left for clinic at 7:00am. When we arrived, there were many families waiting to be seen. Public health officers gave a presentation about managing blood glucose levels. One of our co-presidents held an informal talk with patients to discuss our upcoming plans with our garden project. Towards the end of clinic, I had a few volunteers go to the dental building to start organizing donations for next month’s clinic. We finished clinic around 2:00 pm. A total of 19 patients were seen. We went to eat at Tacos El Poblano. We finished eating around 3:00 pm and headed to the Otay border. All of our cars went through the all traffic lane and we did not arrive back at UCSD until 8:30 pm. No cars were lost during the trip. I waited until all cars returned to UCSD and collected binders and walkie-talkies.

Volunteer Team

CLINIC REPORT: OCTOBER 22, 2016 @ Enseñada

Coordinator: Shaddy Malik

Patients Seen: 25

This clinic, we had 6 cars total (2 dental cars with Pre-Dental Society volunteers, 3 volunteer-driver cars, and a provider’s car) that met up at the Stein Clinical Parking lot at 6:30am, and left around 7:30am.  We arrived to a large amount of children in the waiting room, and were able to provide 2 consult rooms with 2 medical providers and Peter, who is a healer. A large portion of them were there for dental as well. The water for the building was shut off for some reason, which greatly hindered the Dental side. They did not have suction and consequently, it took them about an hour and a half to see their first patient. We ended up seeing 19 patients,   in which 16 were children.  We finished clinic around 2:00pm and headed up the street to Tacos El Poblano. Dr. Lucy Horton drove herself, and I put one of our Officers, Abel Martinez in her car and allowed them to leave early. Abel is an experienced officer who speaks Spanish. We left to the border, and on the way up, a car got separated from the caravan. We were able to contact a person in their car via text and got updates from them until they crossed via the San Ysidro border. The remaining four cars got to the Otay border at around 6:40 and crossed back around 9:15. Everyone met at Stein afterwards and I collected all the binders and walkie talkies and the patient files.

Clinic Report: October 1, 2016 @ Sonrisa de Angeles Orphanatorio (Tijuana)

Coordinator: Anthony Talaugon
Patients Seen: 27

This was a trip planned in collaboration with Dr. Kabongo, one of our long-time volunteer providers. UCSD Students met at 6:30AM at Stein Clinical Parking Lot. We met Dr. Kabongo and his group of volunteers (two residents, 1 doctor, 1 pharmacist, 1 nurse, 1 dentist, and 1 volunteer) at the McDonald’s before the Otay Mesa Border crossing at 8:00AM. One UCSD car accidentally missed the exit and had to cross the border back into the US to meet us. From there, we caravanned to the orphanage in TJ. As this was our first time at this orphanage it was more of an exploratory trip to gauge the needs of the children. We were not prepared with medication or medical equipment – only stethoscopes, sanitizer, gloves, and pen lights. The flow was unorganized and due to time constraints, some children did not visit all 3 stations (vitals, dental, medical). We did not have patient history forms and took their information down on a notebook to be compiled electronically after the clinic. We had pizza at the orphanage and left for the border around 1:00PM. Dr. Kabongo’s car did not travel with us, however we had print-out directions from google maps: we traveled in a caravan with two other cars from Dr. Kabongo’s group. We got lost on the way back, however we ended up crossing back through the San Ysidro border – one car was stopped for secondaries. The first car got back to UCSD by 4:00pm and the second by 4:30pm. NOTE: Our volunteers will start visiting this new orphanage regularly in collaboration with Dr. Kabongo. Things that can be improved for next time: having a patient history system organized and ready, basic vitals and medical equipment, and our own supply of medication to supplement the one at the orphanage.


We left Stein Clinical around 7: 20 because a driver was late. Pharmacy brought over vitamins, and we weren’t stopped at the border. Walkie talkies and binders were each assigned to a designated officer in the car. Upon arrival, we had 19 patients signed up to be seen. The dental trip was cancelled at the last minute, so the 10 people signed up for 7/25 will be taken into account by Maria Elena when we have our next dental trip. Dr. Raja was in contact with me prior to the trip, because her daughter would be in attendance. She was able to make it at the last minute, but not enough volunteers for the dental side could be found. Dr. Celis arrived along with Rotary. They sent over a volunteer, named David, who is from Tijuana. Since we were short on Spanish speakers, he helped in the histories station.

Dr. Pando arrived later and assisted with some patients. Maria Elena advised that the whiteboard patient tracker might just upset the patients, so we didn’t go forward with that today. We ran out of history forms and need to transcribe them in the US onto forms from the notepads we were writing in. We didn’t have time or enough people for a shift change, since we had a group make a run for medication. We finished histories and vitals stations much earlier than Nurse Catherine could see everyone, so volunteers were asked to help de-pill and organize a new vitals bin.

We left clinic around 3 and went to get tacos together. While waiting in line, a man across the street went into an epileptic seizure and a crowd had gathered. Nurse Catherine and Meghan, an EMT, assisted him until an ambulance came to ensure that he could breathe. It turns out the man lives within blocks of our clinic and many people who know him were by his side, saying that this sometimes happens as he forgets to take his medication.

We got back on the road, and once at Otay Mesa, placed all the passport cardholders in the cars to drive in the Ready Lane while the rest walked across the border. The wait time was very short and all cars arrived back at Stein around 7 pm, all walkie talkies and binders were accounted for. Binder making event to be planned to put together all the supplies Lynhea bought and that I am currently in possession of.