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Clinic Report Oct 15th

The Flying Samaritans at UCSD had another successful trip operating our clinic in Ensenada, Mexico on October 15th. With the help of over 10 volunteers and Dr. Patel, we were able to see 24 patients, and provide them with necessary care. Two children were brought to our clinic with strabismus – they were cross eyed. However, Dr. Patel was able to diagnose them and we were able to provide them with transportation to the Tecate Eye Clinic, also run by the Flying Samaritans. It was fortunate that we they were able to receive attention at a young age, or else they would have had permanent problems with their vision. Afterwards, we began to reorganize our medicine cabinets and we got ready for the winter season with additional cough medicines. Another breakthrough was made in regards to fixing the roof to the clinic. One of the co-presidents of the Flying Sams at UCSD, Anelah McGinness, along with the help of Dr. Patel, the Palomar Chapter president John Muesselman, and Mac Pandergash from Vista Rotary were able to finalize the roof project with our friends from DIF and Rotary sponsors. With the generous help of Rotary, we look forward to the installation of a new roof before the rainy season – a project to which Rotary has donated over $1800. The second trip of the school year was a successful one, and there is hope that the rest of the trips will proceed the same way.

Sept 17th Clinic report

Total # of volunteers: 16 volunteers ( 5 volunteers from SDSU)
Names of Volunteers:
Nathan Wang
Oleg Stens
Ksusha Zavorotinskaya
Lexie Wang
Kiana Pham
Ricky Lozano
Anelah McGrinness
Sally Kussai-Khoury
LiYin Lan
Alberto Gomez
Theresa Tran

# of Health Professionals:
Health Professionals: 3 (Dr. Patel, Dr. Raja (our first dentist), and Chinnu)

Special Cases:
There was an 87 yo lady that came by herself. It seemed like she doesn’t get that much attention from home.