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Dental Report: November 18, 2017

Dentists: Dr. Rajasekaran, Dr. Roberto Salazar, Dr. Irais Lozano

Managers: Isabella Buhain, Kenny Jones

Volunteers: Matthew Tan, Angeli Poyaoan, Mariah Franco, Michelle Martinez, Joshua Mihalik

Procedures: COE (6x), Prophy (7x), FLV (3x), Sealant (17x), COMP (6x), AMA (2x), EXT (6x)

Clinic Notes

Today clinic was very productive! Thanks to Dr. Rajasekaran, Dr. Roberto Salazar, Dr. Irais Lozano, we were able to see a total of 11 patients and schedule 6 appointments for our December clinic. Unfortunately we arrived to clinic 1 hour later than usual and were not able to see all 24 patients who had originally signed up, but we were able to execute important procedures and evaluations. We have implemented a better system to make clinic run more smoothly, which includes a number system to find our patients easier and give te patients an idea of ther wait time an appoinment system so we can esure patients are coming each month until their treatment plan is successfully completed. We were utlzing 3 dental chairs; 2 of which were using our portable suction units. Dr. Rajasekaran, Dr. Roberto Salazar, and Dr. Irais Lozano provided quality patient care throughout the day, and our 5 chairside volunteers worked quickly and efficiently to ensure we could see as many patients as possible. We would like to thank Dr. Roberto Salazar and Dr. Irais Lozano for coming to work with us for the first time, we cannot wait to work with them again!

Thank you to the Flying Sams for providing such helpful and accessible treatment for those in need!

Isabella Buhain

Item List:

  • Gloves (S, M, L, XL)
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Fuji

Public Health Donation Drive

The public health committee is going to be partnering with the Help the Homeless organization here in San Diego. We will be bring donations to distribute the day of the event (Saturday, April 7th). If you would like to donate food (non-perishable), clothes or backpacks, please email

We will be posting sign-ups for this volunteer opportunity in the middle of March if you would like to come help out!

Public Health Officer Applications

Would you like to be a part of the FS Public Health Committee for the 2018-2019 school year? As a public health officer you will present health topics to those at our Ensenada clinic in Spanish! If you have any questions please email

Here is the link to apply:




Clinic Report: February 24 @ Ensenada

Coordinator: Anjali Herekar

Patients seen: 28

The chilly morning of Saturday February 24th, we had our monthly clinic trip to serve the community of Chapultepec in Ensenada, Mexico. We had a total of 12 volunteers and 2 providers, 1 pharmacist, and 3 dentists also volunteer with us. We had a total of 3 cars that left the Stein parking lot at 6 am and 1 early car that left at 5:30 am to organize and set up the clinic before everyone arrived. We arrived at the clinic at around 8:30 am. With the 2 providers, we were able to see 28 patients in total before leaving at 1 pm. We also had a great Public Health presentation on Melanoma and Skin Protection, and our Public Health team passed out sunscreen for the patients. We had great success with our newly implemented Kid’s Corner, where children who are waiting to be seen can color with markers, crayons, etc. to pass the time. We all ate at the usual taco shop until 2 pm and the left for the border. At the border, the wait took about 1 hour, and we all arrived at campus around 6:15 pm.

Below are pictures of our patients that received glasses after attending our Optometry Clinic!

Winter GBM 3

When: Monday, March 5th, from 7:00 -9:00 pm 

Where: ERC room (PC East)

Flying Sams will be having the last GBM of the quarter tonight. We will be hearing a presentation from Dr.Fuchs about the medical field, as well as discussing upcoming events in the club. This will be a great event, and we hope to see you all there!

Executive Board Application Information!!!!!

Flying Samaritans is pleased to announce that the 2018-2019 Executive Board Applications are OPEN!!
The online application form with an attached resume is to be completed and submitted no later than 11:59pm Tuesday 3/6. Instructions will be contained in the sign-up form which will start accepting responses at 8pm 2/20.
For more information, come out to our GBM TONIGHT at 8pm in the Dolores Huerta Room (Old Student Center, Muir) where our officers will be sharing their experiences and be prepared to answer any questions you may have. You will hear more about the application process and positions available. All motivated applicants welcome.!
Important Info:
Online Application Form
-Attach resume
Deadline:  11:59pm Tuesday 3/6

Women’s Clinic Donation Drive

We are planning our first women’s health clinic and will be holding a donation drive for feminine care products to donate to the patients. More specifically, we are asking for monetary donations in order to purchase pads and tampons. In exchange for a $6 donation, you will receive a clinic point.  The reason we are asking for a monetary donation is because there is so much variability in feminine care products that this is the most efficient way to standardize what we distribute to our patients.

If you would like to donate, please email the clinic coordinator account with your name and PID (as it appears on your CPM account) stating so. From there, a Clinic Coordinator will email you back confirming your desire to donate. After receiving confirmation, you may Venmo the FS account and the CC will give you your clinicpoints. If you would prefer a cash donation, please specify this in your email and we can coordinate a time to collect the donation.

Clinic Coordinator Email:

Please note that only 3 points total can be acquired through donations per person.

This is a great way to earn clinic points! We thank you in advance for your generosity!