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Clinic Report: September 30, 2017 @ Ensenada

Coordinator: Anjali Herekar

Patients seen: 17

This was a longer clinic, with many pediatric as well as adult cases. We started off with a public health presentation which was about 10 minutes long. We had some returning patients and many new patients as well. We also had a larger amount of pediatric cases this clinic. We saw a returning patient who had an amputated leg, so we could not take her weight but had to ask for her best estimate. We sent all of our providers in the first car so they could get back into the US quickly. The last three cars all used the all-traffic lanes to cross back into the border, with a total wait time of about 3 hours. The last three cars got back a little past 9 pm. At clinic, we used paper records to take patient histories and vitals, because the wifi is still not working at the clinic site buildingSome information is only on the electronic records currently, so in some cases we had to have the physicians obtain the same information again onto paper records. We ended clinic around 2 pm, a bit before dental. 

Clinic Report: October 28, 2017 @ Ensenada

Coordinator:  Shaddy Malik

Patients seen: 22

We had an early car leave at 5:30 to head down to set up the clinic. The other 3 cars for volunteers met on campus at 5:30 and we left around 6:00, took one bathroom break after toll B, and arrived at the clinic at around 8:30 am. With the 4 providers, we were able to see 22 patients in total before leaving at 3:50 pm. We ate at the usual taco shop and left for the border around 5:30 pm. The border took about 30 mins for the 2 cars that went through the ready lane, and 1 hour and a half for the all traffic cars. By the time all cars crossed and got back to campus it was 10:00 pm. 

Fundraising Co-Chair Applications!!

Hello Flying Sams Members!
The Executive Board is looking for a new Fundraising Co-Chair to join the team. If you are interested in applying please fill out the application form located here:
Applications close on November 6th at 11:59 pm. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the position or the application process.
Anthony and Jennifer
Questions, Comments, Concerns?

GBM 2: Volunteer Orientation

Flying Sams will be having its 2nd GBM of the quarter!

When: Next Monday, November 6th from 7:00-9:00 pm

Where: ERC room (2nd floor of PC, entrance near Shogun and PC elevators)

This is a great opportunity to learn how our clinic works. We will be providing training on how to take vitals, information about the Mexican health-care system, practice using important phrases in Spanish, and instruction on how our medical record system works. This is also a clinic point event.

Come out to meet your fellow members and prepare for the next clinic!

Weekly Wednesday Study Socials @OASIS

Come out and study with following Flying Sams! There will be tutors available for various standard subjects (math, sciences, etc.)

Where: Center Hall 3rd Floor (OASIS)

When:  Every Wednesday 7-10 pm

Here is a link for a google doc to form study groups with other Flying Sams:

You will get one clinic point for attending- see you there!



Bonfire Social @ La Jolla

Come out to the first social of fall quarter – we will be having a bonfire at La Jolla Shores on Friday, October 20th at 8pm. This is a great chance to mingle with this year’s officers, as well as your fellow Flying Sams – there will be s’mores and hot dogs, so come out to hang out and have a good time 🙂

Please fill out the ride doc below regardless of whether you are driving or being driven. If you are driving yourself, you do not need to fill out the doc.


The Chapultepec Community Garden

Flying Samaritans at UCSD is starting a new project: The Chapultepec garden!
Our garden built near and for our patients in Ensenada is one way to combat food insecurity and the negative health effects that it can cause in this community. If you want to hear more or see what you can do to get involved, sign up for our newsletter at this link!




Our First GBM of Fall 2017!!

Hello all!

Welcome to the new year. Hopefully your summer and Week 1 was fabulous.

Come out to the first Flying Sams GBM of the year! Check out what Flying Samaritans is all about, hear about what we do in Ensenada, and find out how to get involved with our org!

When: Monday, October 16th at 7:00 -9:00 pm

Where: PC Governance Chambers (4th floor)

This is also a chance to earn a clinic point!

Meet Us on Library Walk–MONDAY, Oct 2nd!

Hello all!! Welcome back to the new school year! Get excited because Flying Samaritans will be tabling on Library Walk  during week one, MONDAY, October 2nd!

Come check out our table to learn more about Flying Sams and what we do as a org in Ensenada, Mexico.

You can also come between classes and earn a clinic point for every hour you table (for up to 3 clinic points)! Sign up at the link below:

Good luck on your Week 1 classes Flying Samaritans! Hope to see you at our table on Library Walk!