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GBM 2: Volunteer Orientation

Flying Sams will be having its 2nd GBM of the quarter!

When: Next Monday, November 6th from 7:00-9:00 pm

Where: ERC room (2nd floor of PC, entrance near Shogun and PC elevators)

This is a great opportunity to learn how our clinic works. We will be providing training on how to take vitals, information about the Mexican health-care system, practice using important phrases in Spanish, and instruction on how our medical record system works. This is also a clinic point event.

Come out to meet your fellow members and prepare for the next clinic!

Our First GBM of Fall 2017!!

Hello all!

Welcome to the new year. Hopefully your summer and Week 1 was fabulous.

Come out to the first Flying Sams GBM of the year! Check out what Flying Samaritans is all about, hear about what we do in Ensenada, and find out how to get involved with our org!

When: Monday, October 16th at 7:00 -9:00 pm

Where: PC Governance Chambers (4th floor)

This is also a chance to earn a clinic point!

Flying Sams GBM 3: GRE Workshop

18518201_1504670186250519_590411793211453462_oIt’s not too late to get involved! Come out to our last GBM of the quarter to earn a clinic point, learn about summer clinic trips, and hear from our guest speaker.

Elizabeth Evangelista, from the Princeton Review, will be going over how to tackle the GRE for anyone interested in Masters or PhD programs!

We will also be passing out your Krispy Kreme donuts  at GBM #3! You can pick it up starting at 6:30pm (Monday of Week 8). If you cannot make it at 6:30pm, we will also be on campus from 3-4pm on the 22nd if you want your donuts ASAP 🙂 Just message Taylor @ 760-669-4998.

1. Upcoming events + Summer Clinic Trips
2. GRE Truths & Misconceptions
3. Quick Facts
4. Testing Tips & Strategies
5. How The Princeton Review Can Help
6. Flying Sams T-Shirt / Scrubs pick-ups

We hope to see you there!

Spring GBM #1: Standing Out in the Medical School Application Process

spring gbm 1
It’s not too late to get involved! Come to our first GBM of Spring Quarter to hear about our mission and how you can be a part of it. This will also be a great time for any last minute questions you may have about 17′-18′ Executive Board Applications!

Our guest speaker, Rob Humbracht from Passport Admissions, will be giving us creative approaches to the medical school application process. Perfect for anyone who is applying this cycle or anytime in the future!

This is a clinic point event. Hope to see you there!

WINTER GBM #1: A Career in Global Health

winter gbm #1

Join us at our first GBM of Winter Quarter to connect with your fellow Flying Sams, earn a clinic point, and hear from our guest speaker! Dr. Dennis Andrade is the director of the Global Health Program at Kaiser Permanente’s Family Medicine Residency Program and a long-time volunteer with Flying Sams. He will be sharing about his past medical trips abroad, future opportunities for you, and answering your questions.

We hope to see you on Monday, January 23rd at 7pm at ERC Room (PC West)!

Fall Quarter GBM #3: Mock Clinic


Whether you are a new Flying Sam and want to get an idea of how clinic flow works, or a veteran member looking to brush up your vitals skills – this GBM will be perfect for you! We will be running through a simulation of how clinic works in Ensenada, from taking patient histories to practicing vitals and working in the pharmacy. We will also be discussing cultural awareness and professionalism in the clinic. Don’t miss out – this is a clinic point opportunity!

FALL QUARTER 2016 GBM #2: Navigating the Med School Admissions Process

Fall GBM 2
Come out to the Red Shoe Room at 7pm on Monday, October 23rd to meet other Flying Samaritans and hear about upcoming events! Our guest speaker, Dr. Ahnika Kline, will be presenting on the Medical School Admissions process. She will take us through the whole timeline, offering insight, advice, and personal experience to each area. Dr. Kline received her MD-PhD from UCSF and is now a resident at UCSD’s VA Hospital.

This is a clinic point opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Fall Quarter 2016 GBM #1: Care, Service, and Compassion – Volunteering in the Health Care Field

Come join us for the first GBM of the school year and learn about Dr. Trapp’s experiences volunteering abroad through undergrad, medical school, and her career. Find out what issues need to be resolved and what makes volunteering worth it!

When?  Monday, October 3rd, at 7:00 pm
Where? Liebow Auditorium, in the Basic Sciences Building (2nd floor)

This is an opportunity to get your first clinic point of the year! See you there!

Spring GBM #1: Your Experience Outside of the Classroom

Hey Flying Sams!

Our first GBM of spring quarter has arrived! In addition to some important updates and announcements we have for you guys, we will also be having Dr. Adrian Sanchez from the Princeton Review provide some advice and insight on volunteering and extracurricular activities in relation to a future career in the health care field.

We encourage you guys to ask yourselves what your purpose is behind the volunteer work and extracurricular activities you partake in. Do you enjoy them? Do you not? How can your experiences outside of the classroom shape you and your career path? In turn, how can you make a difference in the activities you do partake in? These are some questions Dr. Adrian Sanchez may address!

Come ready to ask some questions and participate in a discussion!


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