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Princeton Review MCAT Auction

18342041_481819858823826_3685625165960364851_nPrinceton Review is giving out 1 discounted MCAT Ultimate 123-hour course voucher! The voucher that you’ll receive if you are the top highest bidder will be valid until May 2018! More info about the course can be found here:



Bidding will end on Friday, June 2nd at 11:59 PM.
In order for your bid to be considered, you are required to submit a $100 deposit to @FlyingSams account on Venmo. If you are not chosen as the winner, your $100 will be reimbursed to you.
Starting value for the bid is $1799
The value for the course is $2799.

Here is the link to sign-up!

Note: Your highest bid would be your official bid, no exceptions. If chosen as the winner, you are required to pay your bid amount. All bids submitted are looked upon as final sales. Good luck!

Dental Report: May 20, 2017

Dentists: Dr. Alejandro Urdaneta, Dr. Asyah Marsh, Dr. Susie Kim, Dr. Nataly Salazar

Managers: Isabella Buhain, Kenny Jones

Volunteers: Angeli Poyaoan, Brandon

Procedures: COE(9X), LOE(1X), EXT(9X), COMP(11X), IRM(1X), Prophy(2X), SRP-UR(1X)

Clinic Notes

Today clinic was very productive. We were able to see 14 patients thanks to Dr. Alejandro Urdaneta, Dr. Asyah Marsh, Dr. Susie Kim, Dr. Nataly Salazar from Western University. We arrived to clinic at approximately 8:00am with 18 patients on our waitlist. We accommodated all patients that were willing to stay and have their necessary treatments executed. We were able to utilize all 3 chairs and a second portable suction unit, which helped make our day more productive. All 3 dental chairs need the suction to be repaired but the portable suction unit helped us execute the necessary procedures. Dr. Alejandro Urdaneta, Dr. Asyah Marsh, Dr. Susie Kim, Dr. Nataly Salazar provided patient care throughout the day and were willing to stay until 5:30pm in order to successfully complete 14 evaluations/procedures. It was a pleasure working with Western University and we cannot wait to work with them again in June!

Thank you to the Flying Sams for providing such helpful and accessible treatment for those in need!

Isabella Buhain

Item List:

  • Bibs
  • Bib Clips
  • Gloves
  • Face Masks
  • Wells

Public Health Officer App is Now Available!!

Public Health Officer Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are out!

Want to utilize your Spanish and help others? Then apply to be a Public Health Officer! You will be giving health-related presentations to the patients at our clinic and gaining volunteer experience! As an officer you will have priority on clinic trips too!!!

Anyone is welcome to apply!

Deadline is Wednesday, May 31st at 11:59pm

Public Health Officer Protocol

Public Health officer Application

Oasis Study Social–Thursday, May 25

This week’s study social will be at the Oasis floor (3rd floor) in Center Hall for their weekly open STEM subject tutoring. There will be room to study without tutoring, as well as tutors available for STEM classes such as math classes, gen chem, ochem, and physics. This will be a clinic point event – so come out to study with other Flying Sams and also get help in your STEM classes! Our study social will be from 7-10pm but the tutors will be there from 5-10pm!

Flying Sams Taco Tuesday!!

Taco tuesday 5.22

Come out and stuff yourself with delicious tacos with us! We will be meeting at PC Loop at 7pm  on Thursday to head to Oscar’s 🙂
Please fill out this Google Form with your information, with your car if you’re available to drive, and placing yourself in a car if you can’t! Please leave a comment if there isn’t space for you in a car.

Can’t wait to see you all there – this is also a clinic point event!

Oscar’s PB

746 Emerald St, San Diego, California 92109

Flying Sams GBM 3: GRE Workshop

18518201_1504670186250519_590411793211453462_oIt’s not too late to get involved! Come out to our last GBM of the quarter to earn a clinic point, learn about summer clinic trips, and hear from our guest speaker.

Elizabeth Evangelista, from the Princeton Review, will be going over how to tackle the GRE for anyone interested in Masters or PhD programs!

We will also be passing out your Krispy Kreme donuts  at GBM #3! You can pick it up starting at 6:30pm (Monday of Week 8). If you cannot make it at 6:30pm, we will also be on campus from 3-4pm on the 22nd if you want your donuts ASAP 🙂 Just message Taylor @ 760-669-4998.

1. Upcoming events + Summer Clinic Trips
2. GRE Truths & Misconceptions
3. Quick Facts
4. Testing Tips & Strategies
5. How The Princeton Review Can Help
6. Flying Sams T-Shirt / Scrubs pick-ups

We hope to see you there!


Coordinators: Nick Sun

Patients seen: 23

Everyone met at Stein parking lot at 5:30am. I had an early car leave at 5:30 to set up the clinic. We gave a brief meeting and introduced everyone to each other.  Every provider and every volunteer showed up. We left Stein around 6am and headed towards the clinic. We arrived at the clinic and started the clinic flow. Around a total of 23 patients signed up and we saw all of them. Clinic ran very smoothly and EMR was also running efficiently. In Mexico, it was the day of the kids and we provided some candy, a piñata, and cake. We finished at 2pm and got something to eat and then headed home. We arrived back at Stein parking lot around 7:30pm. Overall, it was a successful and smooth clinic.