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Oasis Study Social–Thursday, May 25

This week’s study social will be at the Oasis floor (3rd floor) in Center Hall for their weekly open STEM subject tutoring. There will be room to study without tutoring, as well as tutors available for STEM classes such as math classes, gen chem, ochem, and physics. This will be a clinic point event – so come out to study with other Flying Sams and also get help in your STEM classes! Our study social will be from 7-10pm but the tutors will be there from 5-10pm!

Flying Sams Taco Tuesday!!

Taco tuesday 5.22

Come out and stuff yourself with delicious tacos with us! We will be meeting at PC Loop at 7pm  on Thursday to head to Oscar’s 🙂
Please fill out this Google Form with your information, with your car if you’re available to drive, and placing yourself in a car if you can’t! Please leave a comment if there isn’t space for you in a car.

Can’t wait to see you all there – this is also a clinic point event!

Oscar’s PB

746 Emerald St, San Diego, California 92109

Flying Sams GBM 3: GRE Workshop

18518201_1504670186250519_590411793211453462_oIt’s not too late to get involved! Come out to our last GBM of the quarter to earn a clinic point, learn about summer clinic trips, and hear from our guest speaker.

Elizabeth Evangelista, from the Princeton Review, will be going over how to tackle the GRE for anyone interested in Masters or PhD programs!

We will also be passing out your Krispy Kreme donuts  at GBM #3! You can pick it up starting at 6:30pm (Monday of Week 8). If you cannot make it at 6:30pm, we will also be on campus from 3-4pm on the 22nd if you want your donuts ASAP 🙂 Just message Taylor @ 760-669-4998.

1. Upcoming events + Summer Clinic Trips
2. GRE Truths & Misconceptions
3. Quick Facts
4. Testing Tips & Strategies
5. How The Princeton Review Can Help
6. Flying Sams T-Shirt / Scrubs pick-ups

We hope to see you there!


Coordinators: Nick Sun

Patients seen: 23

Everyone met at Stein parking lot at 5:30am. I had an early car leave at 5:30 to set up the clinic. We gave a brief meeting and introduced everyone to each other.  Every provider and every volunteer showed up. We left Stein around 6am and headed towards the clinic. We arrived at the clinic and started the clinic flow. Around a total of 23 patients signed up and we saw all of them. Clinic ran very smoothly and EMR was also running efficiently. In Mexico, it was the day of the kids and we provided some candy, a piñata, and cake. We finished at 2pm and got something to eat and then headed home. We arrived back at Stein parking lot around 7:30pm. Overall, it was a successful and smooth clinic.

Spring GBM #1: Standing Out in the Medical School Application Process

spring gbm 1
It’s not too late to get involved! Come to our first GBM of Spring Quarter to hear about our mission and how you can be a part of it. This will also be a great time for any last minute questions you may have about 17′-18′ Executive Board Applications!

Our guest speaker, Rob Humbracht from Passport Admissions, will be giving us creative approaches to the medical school application process. Perfect for anyone who is applying this cycle or anytime in the future!

This is a clinic point event. Hope to see you there!

Clinic Report: March 25, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Anthony Talaugon

Patients seen: 15

A majority of the volunteers and all 4 providers met at the Stein Clinical Parking lot at 5:30am. An earlier group that consisted of a co-president, Jennifer Corona, and 4 volunteers met at 5:15am and departed at 5:30am in order to set up clinic before the rest of the group arrived. The larger group, consisting of 3 cars, left UCSD at 6:00am and arrived at clinic around 8:30am. When we arrived there were only a few patients present who were signed up for medical treatment, while the rest of the patients trickled in throughout the day. We possibly will need to clarify to Maria Elena that we will be starting clinic earlier so that more patients are signed up by the time we get there. Sending an earlier car was useful and allowed clinic to begin faster. A total of 15 medical patients were seen. 7 of the patients were children. Dr. Pfeiffer only treated the children while Dr. Horton and Dr. McCauley only treated the adults. Dental saw 10 patients. We left clinic around 2:00pm, ate lunch at Tacos El Poblano, and headed to the border. Our co-president, Cassidy Koo, drove a car with only the providers on the way back because she had a passport card and could help providers get home faster. We got to the border around 5:00pm, crossed, and got back to UCSD around 8:30pm.

Clinic Report: February 25, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Andres Perkins and Natalie Albasha

Patients Seen: 18

We left Stein in two waves, planned as a 5am wave and a 645am wave. This was due to a short-notice declaration by the Mayor of Ensenada that he was going to visit the clinic site at 9am. We would have all left early, but some providers were not comfortable with waking up so early/ driving in the dark. One of the drivers arrived late to the 5am wave, but they still got there at about 9am and saw about two patients until the second got there. There was a little bit of disorganization and confusion as we set up. This was due to one of the consult rooms being damaged by the recent rain (which we ended up using as a consult room anyway, as suggested by the provider using it), the Mayor walking around with members of Rotary Vista and Rotary Ensenada, and setting up of EMR. This was the first trip that EMR was to be implemented, and there were many problems. First, there were syncing issues due to login problems, volunteers were unprepared (which was my fault), and there was syncing issues between the pharmacy, lab, and consult stations. We eventually switched back to paper for the last half of the clinic. I sent the providers back early (due to requests) with Juan Moreno, a Spanish-speaking officer with cell service in Mexico, that knew the way back. Also, Dr. Horton drove herself and Abel across, since they both could go in the sentry lane. They got back around 730pm. The rest of us ate tacos and got back around 830pm.