About our clinic:

Since the year 2000, we have been visiting our student-run free clinic in Chapultepec, Ensenada, Mexico. Ensenada is a popular tourist area in Mexico.

The building we borrow is owned by El Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (National Agency for Family Development) or “DIF” as they are commonly known. We utilize this building approximately 12 days a year. On days that we are not at this location, Maria Elena, teaches workshops, cooking classes, sowing classes, Early Child Development, and other classes to her community.

The clinic is located next to a public park, a Centro de Salud, and an old police station in a fairly close-knit community. Most of the community rely on the government for 100% of their income. Subsidized food is available every 2 months but for families who run out of food sooner, they seek assistance from their friends, family, and neighbors. This community faces food insecurity, which creates medical and dental problems, and socio-economic injustices, which further burden the community’s ability to buy food or other resources. Through Flying Samaritans at UCSD, we seek to alleviate these injustices and illuminate these issues so they may be addressed and prevented.

We would like to thank Maria Elena Mancilla for everything she has done for and with Flying Samaritans at UCSD. With her guidance, support, and unending compassion, our work becomes possible.

The clinic has:

A pharmacy of donated medicines, supplies for vitals, a working bathroom, a waiting room, a dentist chair, 2 exam rooms, a storage room, a filing cabinet for our records, and a piano all available to us.


Patients we see may have been to our clinic for more than 10 years. We seek to improve their health and overall well-being through medical, dental, and Public Health intervention.

We must also be considerate of other languages that are spoken in this community to effectively communicate with the patients.

In regards to pharmaceuticals, we must consider the patients who are not able to read our directions, so instead we use shapes and colors.

At all times, we must be respectful, considerate, and culturally sensitive with the communities we work with.


We also seek 2 or more health care providers for this trip as well as 20 volunteers. We have worked with MD, DO, NP, RN, CNAs, MAs, and more.

We are looking for PTs and Zumba instructors to volunteer on our monthly trips. We are excited to promote healthy eating and healthy movement to our Chapultepec Community.

What you need to go on a clinic day:

  1. PASSPORT BOOKLET(or passport card, international students also need a green card or a visa and additional signed documents from the international center)
  2. $30 clinic day fee (+$25 membership fee if you are a new member)
  3. Water and snacks
  4. A few dollars for tacos. Cash Only.Subject to Change for greater patient volume per clinic.
  5. Flying Sams Shirt or Scrubs
  6. Closed toed shoes
  7. A good attitude

That’s it!

Clinic Trip Schedule:

The UCSD Flying Sams plan to have clinics on the following dates. For up-to-date clinic trips, please see our Provider Schedule Link.
Please note that schedule tends to be the 4th Saturday of each month, with exceptions for final exams, graduation, and other major UCSD events.

OCTOBER 28 2017-2018
NOVEMBER 18 2017-2018
DECEMBER 16 2017-2018
 JANUARY  27  2017-2018
 FEBRUARY  24  2017-2018
 MARCH  24  2017-2018
 APRIL  21  2017-2018
 MAY  19  2017-2018
 JUNE  16  2017-2018
 JULY  28  2017-2018

Additional clinic dates and locations may be scheduled in collaboration with other groups or according to the availability of our health professionals.

Directions to the UCSD Flying Sams Chapultepec Clinic: