Missed Clinic Policy

Once selected for your prioritized trip, it is your responsibility to respond to the Clinic Coordinator in the time frame indicated stating your ability to attend both the trip and the predesignated preclinic meeting. If your availability has changed and you are no longer able to attend, please notify the Clinic Coordinator for your trip. Although we cannot guarantee you a spot on another trip during the quarter, you will be placed on an informal waitlist and may be chosen for another trip should another volunteer drop, or if more volunteers are needed.

If you are unable to make the preclinic meeting, you must attempt to reschedule the meeting with the Clinic Coordinator at another time. The preclinic meeting is mandatory and crucial for your attendance prior to the trip, as you will learn all the vital information about the trip, as well as your car assignments, volunteer roles, and a skills workshop pertaining to those roles.

If you are unable to make your assigned clinic trip, please notify the Clinic Coordinator as soon as possible. In order to avoid a penalty, you must notify the Clinic Coordinator 72 hours prior to your trip. This time period allows the opportunity for arrangements to be made to find a replacement to fill your spot. The penalties for dropping your trip within the 72-hour period will include not being selected for any more trips in that quarter and/or not being selected as an active or committee member in the following quarter. In the case of emergencies, such as health issues or family emergencies, the outcome will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.