Mujeres con Mayuscula Clinic (MCM)

About our collaboration with MCM:

Since May 31, 2014, Flying Samaritans at UCSD has collaborated with Mujeres con Mayuscula to provide free medical services to patients in the Maneadero community of Ensenada.

The building we utilize during these quarterly trips is called Centro de Salud, Center of Health. Clinics like these are set up all around Baja California, however, they are not open on the weekends. Thus Flying Samaritans at UCSD provides free supplemental health services to the community of Maneadero, Ensenada.

We would like to thank Mujeres con Mayuscula for collaborating with us to set up the clinic trip at this location and for volunteering with us during the clinic day. We would also like to thank, Victoria, President of MCM Ensenada, for initiating this collaboration to serve the community of Maneadero.

The clinic has:

A working bathroom, a large waiting room, a dentist chair, 5 exam rooms. Flying Samaritans brings pharmaceuticals, consultation & exam supplies, vitals, labs, and all other supplies needed to run the clinic site. This is done so as not to interrupt or mis-use the resources that the Clinica de Salud owns.

We are thankful to Centro de Salud for allowing us to use the building during the weekends.


Patients we see may have walked 2 hours or more to seek our services. We must also be considerate of other languages or dialects that are spoken in this community to effectively communicate with the patients.

In regards to pharmaceuticals, we must consider the patients who are not able to read our directions, so instead we use shapes and colors.

At all times, we must be respectful, considerate, and culturally sensitive with the communities we work with.


We also seek 5 or more health care providers for this trip as well as 20 or more volunteers.