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Our Dental Clinic

We operate our dental clinic in conjunction with the UCSD Flying Samaritans Medical Clinic in Ensenada, Mexico. Our dental clinic falls under the umbrella of the nation-wide, non-profit Flying Samaritans organization and is affiliated with the UCSD Pre-Dental Society through our volunteer recruiting process.

We provide many basic services, and have recently expanded to serve even more procedures. Our clinic is well-equipped and suitable for treating patients! We have X-Ray capabilities, and an equipped lab area in order to process these imag

es, as well as to prepare materials for our procedures.

Our goal is to provide as much quality service to our patients as possible, and to, of course, alleviate and treat as many dental troubles we encounter. We strive to provide comprehensive care to our patients, and so we often times see returning patients in order to truly provide aid. This is something that distinguishes us from many other free dental clinics operating in Mexico.


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