Just a little bit of info first:

By joining us at UCSD Flying Sams, you recognize there is inherent risks involved. We are an organization that organizes and provides medical care in Enseñada, Mexico. As such, risks normally seen in healthcare facilities are present. These risks are outlined at OSHA – Safety and Health Topics | Healthcare. In addition, we are traveling internationally, and the risks as outlined by the U.S. Dept. of Travel regarding travel to Mexico, and, in particular, the Baja North region, are pertinent. These risks are outlined at U.S. Dept. of Travel / Mexico. Finally, transport is provided by student drivers, and necessarily entails the risk of bodily injury, death, or property damage.

Your involvement with Flying Sams inherently assumes that you understand and acknowledge these risks, among others given for Flying Sams activities and that you release any claims against the Flying Sams parent organization, UCSD Flying Sams & all other chapters, including their directors, officers, agents, attorneys, and volunteers.

On each clinic trip, you will fill out a liability waiver that relates to you the same info as above, and releases the parties given above from for any injury, death, or property damage sustained in connection with any Flying Sams activity.

First, sign up for the mailing list:

By subscribing to our weekly newsletter, you will receive updates about clinic trips, fundraisers, socials, and other club matters.

Second, fill out the Membership Application

Memberships last 1 quarter. The Flying Sams is grateful for volunteers with the following roles and responsibilities:

Active members: Volunteer on one clinic trip, volunteer at four club events, and attend 2 GBMs per quarter.

Active Membership Applicationlink

Committee members: Volunteer one one clinic trip, attend all committee meetings (3-5 per quarter), in addition to committee-specific requirements. We have three committees: social, publicity, and fundraising.

Committee Membership Application: link

General members: Volunteer at Flying Sams events and attend GBMs to learn about the club and earn “clinic hours” to be used in further applications for Active or Committee membership.

Third, get your membership fees taken care of:

  1. Pay your $10 membership online

Visit the website below, and register as a member of the Palomar Chapter. The only information you need to provide is your full name, email address, mailing address, and phone number.

After registering, find the “Members” tab and select “Pay Membership.” Select the option for Student Membership – $10. This must be done after attending your first clinic trip of a school year. If you continue volunteering with us, paid membership is good until the end of the academic school year.

2. Order your shirt and/or scrubs using the link below. Once you complete your order, your shirt and/or scrubs can be picked up at any GBM.

Order your shirt and/or scrubs

Once you pay online, you will be considered a paid member. Paid membership is good until the end of the academic year.

Finally, get registered for Clinic Hours

This system is how we manage your Clinic Hours. Clinic Hours help us keep track of your event attendance and will factor into the application cycle for the next quarter. This is FREE to sign up. So please sign up here in order to accrue hours.**

What happens now?

Participate in events (fundraisers, socials, publicity, food bank, GBM) and accrue hours in CHM (Clinic Hour Manager).

*All fees are refundable within 30 days, and are non-refundable if you have attended a clinic trip

**Clinic hour policy: At every clinic hour event there should be a sign in sheet so we can input your clinic hours (usually updated on the CHM site within a couple days). If you do not sign in/your hours do not show up, you must submit your request to within 1 week from the clinic point event (no exceptions!).

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