Officer Descriptions

Officer Descriptions 2016-2017

Note: Must have already been an officer
·    In charge of board meetings and general body meetings
·    Is responsible for club registration and similar paperwork
·    Attends Palomar Chapter board meetings
·    Motivates club members
·    Checks on the progress and well-being of other officers
·    Fills in gaps and helps in every area
·    Publicly represents the interests of the club
·    Comes up with new ideas and helps the club move forward in the right direction
·    Notifies Palomar Chapter of any unique patient cases
·    Responsible for organizing further treatment for unique patient cases from clinic
·    Assist with, and act as MC at, annual banquet

Vice President
Note: Must have already been an officer
·    Acts in an assistive capacity to the president, ensuring their duties are fulfilled
·    Goes to monthly Palomar Chapter board meetings

Clinic Administrator (multiple)
·    Attend clinics on regular basis
·    Ensure smooth running and organization of pharmacy
·    Keep inventory of pharmacy medications/supplies
·    Print out inventory to bring to clinic and pass out to doctors
·    Monitor changes in inventory during the clinic (day of) and update inventory in Dropbox once back in the US
·    Obtain needed clinic supplies and keep an updated wishlist

Clinic Coordinators (multiple)
·    Arrange for club members to get to clinic
·    Make Google sign up form AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the date of the clinic. Post link for clinic sign up on the site in addition to emailing it out over the Groupspaces email list-serve
·    Run pre-clinic meeting (usually held morning of the clinic)
·    Attend Palomar Chapter board meetings on a rotating basis
·    Confirm with doctors for clinics
·    In charge of driver packets/insurance
·    Attend and Coordinate Clinics on a rotating basis with other cc’s
·    Fill in slots for members at other clinics
·    Delegate jobs at each clinic, ensure smooth operation
·    Especially monitor the patient history system
·    Collects unique patient case history from clinic and reports to President
·    After each clinic, WRITE UP CLINIC REPORT and post to website and Dropbox

·    Coordinates with fundraising committee (budget communication)
·    In charge of reimbursements
·    Makes a budget log every month (for Palomar board meetings)
·    Keep Palomar board informed of our monetary situation
·    Gives tax refund receipts for donations
·    Handle all monetary related things
·    Apply for AS funding every quarter and be knowledgeable about the UCSD policies regarding the spending of said money

·    Attend all meetings
·    Records and distributes minutes from board meetings and general body meetings
·    These minutes are to be kept in the Dropbox
·    Keep officer attendance
·    Send members reminders of meeting times and locations
·    Keeps an updated member list with contact and other useful information
·    This list is maintained on the Groupspaces website
·    Maintains member applications and records dues
·    Update this information onto the Groupspaces paid members list
·    Keeps a record of who has attended the clinics and other Flying Samaritans at UCSD events
·    Relays this information with the clinic coordinator (ie keep it on the Groupspace or in a document)
·    Maintains original hard copies of all documents (especially liability waivers and membership forms)
·    Update website (with help of webmaster) with meeting times and clinic events etc
·    Make a newsletter (basically contains info from website and recent clinic events)

Physician Recruitment/Liaison Officer
·    In charge of recruiting doctors for clinics (as many clinics and as many doctors and as much ahead of time as possible)
·    Utilizes multiple strategies for physician outreach such as email, letters, phone calls and ideally visiting in person to leave business card/letter
·    Attend UCSD doctor fairs (ex HMP3 mentor fairs) in order to reach out more
·    In charge of doctor letters and flyers
·    In charge of physician packets (one for prospective physicians and one for physicians who will attend a clinic)
·    IE Let new physicians know how we run things
·    Responsible for maintaining updated physician information
·    Obtain the License of EACH medical practitioner, place into dropbox folder
·    Also look for new dentists…..
·    Partner with Pre-Dental Society

Fundraising and Publicity Chair or Committee Member (multiple)
Note: People not chosen for the Chair position will be eligible for the Committee officer position. There is a lot of flexibility in “titles” for this position

·    Coordinates with Treasurer (budget communication)
·    Organizes on-campus fundraisers

·    Coordinates with fundraising committee (for flyers and posters, as well as selling of shirts) and webmaster (for Internet publicity)
·    Distributes signs and flyers on campus for club events
·    Designs and produces club t-shirts and sweatshirts
·    Advertises in newspapers, shuttles, T.V. stations, lecture hall chalkboards, etc.
·    Accompanies president to other pre-medical club meetings
·    In charge of Fall Festival on the Green and Welcome Week etc PR activities
·    Helps with tabling, esp during welcome week
·    Work with physician recruiters to maintain positive image of the club

Public Health Chair or Committee Member (multiple)
Note: People not chosen for the Chair position will be eligible for the Committee officer position
·    This is a position where you must be fluent in Spanish
·    Prepare and present public health presentations for the patients at the clinic
·    Work together with the population to determine areas of need in health education
·    Meet with committee on a regular basis to prepare for clinic trips
·    This position really allows free reign in how the presentations go- all is done for the benefit of our patients!

Mexico Liaison
·    Serves as the connection between Mexican officials and Flying Sams Board at UCSD
·    Must be fluent in both English and Spanish
·    Researches the needs of the community in Ensenada to propose new programs and evaluate old programs
·    Contacts Mexican officials to notify them about the clinic so they can advertise (i.e. maria Elena and sometimes DIF)
·    Tell them the date of the clinic, number of doctors coming, and whether or not it will be a “fiesta” type clinic
·    Maintains and updates the website
·    Maintains and updates the Facebook as well

Banquet Coordinator
·    Responsible for organizing the fundraiser banquet (held during spring quarter)
·    Must organize well in advance throughout the year and keep other board members updated on progress
·    Invite members of the community, health professionals, and students to create a successful event and fundraiser

*NOTE: positions may be combined and/or edited based upon number of applicants and need for help in certain areas