Last GBM of Spring 2012!

Hi Everyone!

We are having the LAST GBM of the school year this Wednesday at 8pm in the Dolores Huerta room in the old student center! We will be giving our last updates for the year, goals for next year (including help with planning our $10,000 dentistry grant!), introducing the new board, talking about some open positions where you can get invovled, and importantly our Sungod booth on Friday!

At the end of meeting, we will all help decorate our posters for the booth. Hope to see you there!

Sun God Festival Boothing! Help us table!

Flying Sams is going to have a booth at Sun God (May 18th)! During the day we will be selling spray fans and at night we will sell glow sticks/necklaces/etc. We will also have a nerf gun shooting range so people can try to win the prizes! You of course don’t have to be there the entire time, but we will need at least 3 people at a time during the day, and 2 at night. We will need people to help from 2-6PM, and people who stay later will get extra clinic credit!

To help at the booth you do not have to have a worker’s wristband, you can just stop by with your general admissions wristband, this is just for set up and clean up purposes.

Here’s the doodle to sign up: http?://www?.?doodle?.?com/wbykrrhh6vwhcep2

Anelah McGinness

Strauss Foundation Awards Anelah McGinness – Press Release




The Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship Foundation, established as a memorial to the late Don Strauss of Newport Beach and now designed to award $10,000 scholarships to as many as 15 California college juniors annually, has announced that among the foundation’s new group of recipients is UC San Diego student Anelah McGinness.

The Strauss scholarships fund public-service projects that the students have proposed and will carry out during their senior year. McGinness, who hails from Lake Elsinore, will use the funds in order to create a permanent free dental office in the Flying Samaritans clinic in a low resource community in Chapultapec, Ensenada, Mexico.

The student-run free clinic organized by the Flying Samaritans branch at UC San Diego currently provides basic general medicine services. However, many patients do not have access to dental care and are unaware of the importance oral health for overall health. For most dental interventions, there are only two kinds of teeth: good teeth and bad teeth. The bad teeth are extracted, and the good teeth are cleaned, if anything is done at all.

With the initial investment of basic hardware and the help of the Hispanic Dental Association led by Dr. Mario Orozco, as well as the help of founding dentist Dr. Rajashekeran, McGinness and other undergraduates (including her co-president Ksusha Zavarotinskaya) will be able to start a dental office capable of administering fillings and preventive measures, such as sealants for kids. The program will also be accompanied by public health education focused on prevention, given in the waiting room by Spanish-speaking students trained in oral health, with the objective of training women who are at the nodes of their social networks as promatoras who would share this knowledge with their families and friends. The establishment of a sustainable dental program will engage pre-medical, public health and pre-dental students in a hands-on project that answers a severely neglected need in the Chapultapec community.

Don Strauss demonstrated a strong, life-long commitment to public service and education, reflected by his serving 10 years on the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board, and 12 years on the Newport Beach City Council, including one as mayor.

He also founded summer internships in Washington, D.C., for students at Cornell University, Stanford University, the University of Rhode Island, the California Institute of Technology and Harvey Mudd College, and he endowed scholarships at Stanford, U.C. Irvine and Harvey Mudd. He died in 1995 at the age of 79.

Strauss’ widow, Dorothy M.R. Strauss, established the foundation in January of 1997 as a “tribute to the vision, ideals and leadership of Donald A. Strauss.” In its first year, the foundation board invited 10 universities to nominate up to three students each for Strauss scholarships, with the board making the final selection of the 10 winners. (Dorothy Strauss saw her vision for the Foundation realized–she phoned each of the 10 first-year winners to notify them personally–before she passed away in October of 1997 at the age of 83.)

In the second year the Foundation was able to broaden its reach and award 15 $10,000 scholarships, and now gives 10-15 each year. This represents the Foundation’s sixteenth group of recipients—since its inception, the Foundation has now awarded 220 scholarships–and like their counterparts in the past, all of these new recipients have extensive records of community and public service, as well as a demonstrated desire to “make a difference.”

* * *

CONTACT: Anelah McGinness (951) 385-0718

Duncan Strauss (714) 321-2114


GBM and Pizza Social! 8PM April 11, 2012

Just a reminder that the GBM is WEDNESDAY at 8pm in the Earl Warren Room in PC (3rd floor above the food court)! However, due to the possible rain, we are changing the social from a bonfire and instead having a pizza social right after the GBM!. We will be providing the pizza!

See you all tomorrow!

***Also: Remninder that officer applications are due THIS FRIDAY! 4/13. If you have any questions regarding the positions, we encourage you to attend the GBM and ask any of the current officers. The application and descriptions are attached.

Professor DUNK TANK! April 19, 10am-3pm

Professor Dunk Tank Flying Sams UCSD Spring 2012

Come show your love (or hate) for the participating professors and put them in the dunk tank!! We will also be having cotton candy, popcorn, and prize raffles 😀


11:30-12:30AM: Dr. Aaron Coleman

12:30-1:15PM: Dr. Leslie Lewis

1:15-2PM: Dr. Paul Price

2PM-3PM: Dr. Czworkowski

While creating a splash, you will also be supporting the Flying Samaritans, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing underserved populations in Mexico with free health services via general medicine and dental clinics, clothing, and more.

Officer Apps 2012-2013

Hi Everybody,

This is your chance to become a LEADER! To make a DIFFERENCE!

Apply for a position in the Flying Samaritans E-Board.

Applications are now available, and they will be due on Friday of 2nd Week *April 13th*!

However, the earlier you turn them in, the better it is… Show your dedications for our organization! Also, everybody including current e-board members will need to apply or re-apply for the positions. We will be having interviews shortly after we have received all of the applications.

I have attached a summary of the positions, if you have any questions of what these positions intail, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, some of the positions such as clinical coordinator require more than one individual, therefore, there are many chances for everybody to get involved.

However, don’t just apply because you want to put it on your resume, we need a hardworking group of individuals to run efficiently next year.

Can’t wait to read everybody’s applications!

Good Luck,

Madlena Nalbandyan
Flying Samaritans



The following files are attached to this e-mail:

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Officer Descriptions 2011-12.doc
46Kb   Download

Ralph’s Fundraising Campaign!

We need everyone’s help for our Ralphs fundraising campaign! You’re already online, make those few minutes count for something!

If you have a Ralphs club card (and if you don’t have one, get one) go to

Just scroll to the bottom and click “enroll” under “participant,” make a quick account, and type in your Ralph’s club card number. If you do that, every time you shop at Ralphs with your card 1-4% of your purchase will go to us (and you’ll get a discount too!)

Important: when you make your account, go under “account settings’ –> “community contribution” enter your address and put “Flying Samaritans at UCSD (we’re under the Escondido address)

Pass it on to your friends and relatives, anyone can help and it all goes to purchasing medicines and supplies for our free clinic in Mexico!

March 10th Clinic Trip – SDSU

Hello everybody!

SDSU will be holding their clinic trip on Saturday, March 10th. They’ve invited us to join them on this trip. We are sending one car full of UCSD students to visit their clinic. Their clinic has a great connection with the community, their trips are very fun, and members who are selected go to on this trip will benefit from gaining more diverse experience with different low-resource interventions.

If you have attended at least 2 events and have a valid US passport we encourage you to apply. Drivers will also be given priority.

You will receive notification by Sunday night, March 4 whether or not you have been selected.

Here is the link to apply:

Look forward to a great clinic!

Flying Sams Clinic Coordinator

Winter GBM 2 Powerpoint Slides!

Thank you for all who could come to our last GBM (we know it was hard for a lot of you with midterms scheduled)!

We would especially like to thank our guest speaker, Crystal Rubin!  We had a great time learning how to measure blood pressure, take someone’s temperature, and examine one’s blood sugar levels!

For those of you who couldn’t make it or for those who want a reminder of what was went over last night, here is the link for the GBM slides: