What is Flying Sams?

Flying Sam(aritan)s is a medical service club at the University of California, San Diego in association with the non-profit service organization, The Flying Samaritans Inc. We are dedicated to providing free medical services to the underprivileged people of Mexico through a clinic staffed entirely of volunteer physicians, nurses, medical and pre-medical students.

Flying Samaritans Primer – [date]

Hello Flying Sams,
Here’s a quick look at what to expect tomorrow.

Meet Up:  UCSD Stein Clinical Parking Lot @ 6:30a, leave at 7:00a
Tentative Clinic Hours:  9a-2p

General Things to Bring

-Passport or the equivalent
-Come prepared with your scrubs, name tag, and gown
-Snacks, water (Lunch is late and you will get hungry, bring food)
-$30 clinic fee, drivers exempt
-Extra cash for tacos/souvenirs/snacks at the taco shop and border
-X-ray tech: bring copy of X-ray certificate
-Dentist: headlight, if desired

Clinic Session Info

Patient flow:
Tray set ups:

Dental Room – Returning Patients
Waiting Area – Fluoride varnish, OHI, Vitals

 Clinic Reminders

Dental Assistants

-First thing to do upon arriving is to wipe down all surfaces, especially  the counter tops and X-ray machine. You can set up the chair, light, and suction tips with disposables located in the portable drawer.
-Turn on unit by turning switch on two walls + the red switch near tubes (should be parallel)
-There is a clean tray with available instruments/materials. Once instruments/materials are used, place in the dirty tray.
-Amalgamator should be set to 10 seconds. Open amalgam capsule with metal X-ray guide holder.
-Double check with dentist if a patient can receive Fluoride Varnish since it’s given every 6 months.
-Write name, procedure, and NV on whiteboard.


Write down on chart the procedure done and NV.

X-ray Tech

-X-ray exposure time should be set to .10
-Dip film in developer and fixer for 30 sec. each
-LABEL film using available mounts: Name, date, tooth #

Everyone: These are handpiece tools. DO NOT LOSE!!!

Contra Angle Bur Tool
Contra Angle Bur Tool
High Speed Bur Tool
High Speed Bur Tool







Day of: Let’s spread the word of our next clinic (insert date)!

Mexican Numbering System

The mouth is divided into quadrants 1-4 and 5-8 for primary teeth. From the center they count back to come up with a double digit number.

Mexican Numbering System

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may reach (insert name) at (#) or (insert name) at (#).

See y’all Saturday!

UCSD Flying Samaritans Dental Team