Hello! Are you a physician, dentist, pharmacist, or any medical professional interested in attending on one of our clinic or orphanage trips?

What To Expect on Our Trips

We are a volunteer organization that operates free medical clinics in Mexico. We have an Enseñada Clinic in Chapultepec and volunteer at orphanages such as Rancho de los Niños. Even though we are called Flying Samaritans, we are close enough to drive down to Mexico every month!

We start the morning early to make the most of our day, meeting at the Stein parking lot at 6:30 AM. Once everyone arrives we head on a 2-3 hour drive for clinic. After we arrive at the clinic, you will be shown the consult room and given time to get ready (providers typically bring their own otoscope and stethoscope). After everything is set up, patients start arriving! They will come to the consult room with a form indicating all their current and past medical issues. After the patient’s consult, they will either get lab tested, medicine from the pharmacy, or their visit is completed. We will provide a Spanish translator as needed, and there will be a member in the room shadowing. Once all the patients have been seen and everything is cleaned, we head back to San Diego in the late afternoon. But no trip to Mexico would be complete without tacos! We stop at our favorite taco place, then cross the border to get home.

All upcoming clinic dates and info can be found on provider schedule.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the form below. Our physician recruiter will be in contact with you!

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