Public Health Mission & Vision

UCSD Flying Samaritans | Public Health Team

Vision: To create conscious active professionals that advocate for health.

Mission: The Public Health Committee under Flying Samaritans consists of a group of individuals that promote healthy lifestyles by means of education and prevention. Through carefully surveying the progress of the community we hope to create awareness on the health conditions that are prevalent in the Ensenda community.

Public Health Committee Overview:
a. What do we do?
As a Public Health committee part of Flying Samaritans, we dedicate our time to promote healthy habits in the community of Ensenada, (B.C. México). We assist to our clinics every month and give health presentations about health topics that are of interest to our patients. We also provide counseling for specific topics and try to orient patients to adopt healthy behaviors as a method of prevention of possible predisposed diseases.
b. How do we do this?
We organize presentations about a health topic explaining what it is, the cause, treatment, preventive behaviors, etc… We also provide patients with personal counseling to serve their comfort levels when discussing concerns and questions they may have. We understand and must keep in mind that we have limits to what we have to say because we are not licensed doctors; therefore, we may not suggest any treatment or a diagnosis of any kind. For this matter we are responsible for referring patients to our Flying Samaritans doctor available or to their primary care physician in their community.
c. Why do we do this?
As part of our mission, the Public Health Committee is responsible for promoting healthy lifestyles by means of education and prevention while raising awareness on the health conditions that are prevalent in the Ensenada community.