Resources for Pre-Health Students

This page provides links and resources for pre-health students to browse and utilize. It is gathered knowledge from one individual but if you have suggestions please email us at Thank you.

Association of American Medical Colleges

  1. Aspiring Docs
  2. Fee Assistance Program **Note from Lynhea: This is based on financial need. I learned at a conference that this will give you the MCAT at free or reduced prices and the first 14 schools that you apply to will have the fee waived (primary and secondaries). Try it out! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Princeton Review. To anyone taking the MCAT. Here is a discount for taking any Princeton Review Preparatory Course.

  1. Princeton Review $200 Dollars Off Code: SDUC$200FLYSAM

Career Services Center at UCSD

  1. Getting a Letter of Recommendation Workshop
  2. Multi Mini Interview Workshop

CSC at UCSD has a great website that has loads of information. Here are a few links below.

  1.  Medicine
  2.  Health Professions & Other Health Profession
  3.  Mental Health & Other Mental Health Profession
  4.  Other Graduate Professions

Writing Center at UCSD

  1. Schedule an appointment so they can help you write a Personal Statement for your application.


  1. Sign Up to Adele’s weekly newsletter. It is full of information and events that will benefit you-if you take the time to seek out those opportunities.
  2. Go to Adele and Emily Louie’s office hours for advice on your future!
  3. Figure out your timeline for applying to medical schools and other health schools.
  4. Go to Emily Louie’s Office Hours with Medical Students!


  1.  University of California, San Diego MEDS Conference (Medical Education for Diverse Students).**Note from Lynhea: I highly recommend this because there are simulation workshops.
  2.  University of California, Davis Pre-Medical and Pre-Health National Conference.
  3. University of California, San Francisco INSIDE UCSF **Note from Lynhea: Must apply and have letters of recommendation.

Documentaries to Watch

  1. Forks Over Knives
  2. Food Inc.
  3. Unnatural Causes (Documentary Series)
  4. Sick Around the World
  5. Sick Around America 
  6. Women on Waves
  7. Escape Fire

Books to Read

  1. Bad Pharma
  2. Becoming a Doctor
  3. Public Health and Social Justice
  4. Medical Sociology

Classes to take at UCSD

  1. Urban Studies and Planning [USP 143] The US Healthcare System
  2. Urban Studies and Planning [USP 144] Environmental and Preventative Health Issues
  3. Urban Studies and Planning [USP 147] Case Studies in Health Care Programs/Poor and under-served populations

Subscribe to a Blog

  1. The Savvy Pre-Med by Passport Admissions
  2. Tumblr’s Medblr **Note from Lynhea: This just means individuals who dedicate their tumblr to have medical, pre-med, residency and so on oriented advice. It is not anyone person.
  3. The 5-year journey blog by Z