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Dental Report: May 24, 2014

Dentists: Dr. Ivan Celis, Dr. Guadalupe Marquez
Managers: Selena Lopez (patient flow), Sonia Ventura (tray set-ups)
Volunteers: Cao Diem, Andrew Mikhail, Sam (Tengfei) Su, Kristen Young, Mari (Dr. Marquez’s assistant)
X-ray Tech: Cao Diem
Patients: 19
Procedures: COE (x8), BW (x2), Comp (x3), Ext (x), Fluoride Varnish (x7), Amal (x4)

IMG_2497On May 24th, 2014 we attended a one-day clinic trip in Ensenada, Mexico. We arrived at 9:30 AM and departed at 4:30 PM. There were two dentists, two managers, and five dental assistants. Since medical did not come down with us, one of the medical rooms was used for fluoride varnish and OHI. In total we saw thirteen patients and we applied varnish to eight patients. Most patients in the waiting room were seen except for four children that will most likely be coming back to the June 21st clinic. When I did a preliminary check up on the four children, they all had holes and decay on most of their molars on the top and the bottom, but there was not enough time to treat them. Overall, the clinic ran smoothly, but there needs to be improvement in terms of efficiency with the x-ray tech and the chairside assistant in order for the dentists to see more patients during the limited time in clinic.


Andrew Attaalla Mikhail

Spring Benefit Banquet

The UCSD Flying Samaritans would like to cordially invite you to our Spring Banquet on Issues in Public Health: effective aid and cardiovascular disease trends in developing countries


Dr. Kate Murray, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Family and Preventative Medicine:
How to design effective public health programs in underserved communities

Dr. Michael Criqui, MD, MPH, Distinguished Professor and Chief of Preventive Medicine:
Comparing trends of cardiovascular disease in developed and developing countries


Please save the date, May 13th, 2014 @ 7pm. The event will be hosted at the UCSD Multipurpose Room in the Student Services Center.


Please Check our FB event here!